Youth Power Program

This year, our Founder of One and The Same launched a new session on the Website called Inspire, a place for young people to voice out their voices, and share what matters to them.

Yeshna who is our Founder, has experience working with youth all around the world, and has been part of many youth projects with UNICEF. Her motto is Youth Power, and works to empower the Youth to change the world. She believes in the youth ability to bring change in the world, and wants to show the world that youth are not lazy people glued to their phones; they care about a lot of issues, and can do great things if they are given the chance to. She is also into digital advocacy, and encourages people to use social media as a tool to empower and writing as a weapon to bring about change.

If you feel that you are one of those people, who want to change the world, and make your voice heard, this workshop, will be perfect for you. This program runs for 3 months  where we are giving the opportunity to young writers passionate about global change to share their articles on our website for free.


March- May


August- Dec

Normally, we select participants ourselves, but if you are between 14-25, and love to write and passionate about global change you can apply. To apply, send your CV and any writing sample( or your blog link if you have one and any article you already written would work too) at

If you are selected, we will send you the information kit, with article guidelines, and the activities. Note: This online program is free of cost, and open worldwide.

At One and the same, we try to give opportunities to the youth, and we are also searching for interns ( preferably first year at university and on part-time basis) in communication,or social media / digital marketing, or has experience in social media, blogging and wordpress to handle our social media accounts ( Facebook and Twitter) and help us in digital marketing. Only serious applications will be considered, to apply, send your CV/resume, and any relevant materials that can demonstrate your competence at note, we reserve the right to make changes. If you do not hear from us, it means we cannot consider your application