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We are currently accepting guest posts, and also interns for writing, and if you want to be a part of the One and The Same family, feel free to email us. Everyone is welcome, students, bloggers, and anyone. There is no limit to creativity, it can be a regular post, a video, an interview, but please just make sure that it fits the blog style. You can opt to write for the Build & Create session (lifestyle, DIY,hacks,Tips,tricks ) or Inspire session ( global issues like climate change, inequality)

Before starting to write, please email us, about your topic and a small preview on what you will write, and once your topic is approved, you can then start writing.

You are required to also write a short bio on yourself( few lines only) and if you want to include your blog links/social media, you are free to do so but kindly avoid spamming.  If you want to remain anonymous, that’s fine too.

Please note that content should be original and yours. No plagiarism, copying, rephrasing, stealing content/ideas from other website without giving credit and your article should not be posted elsewhere, not even on your blog, content should be fresh.

All articles will be checked, before they go live, and we reserve the rights to make small edits on spelling/grammatical mistakes and we highly recommend that you include photos/GIFs in your posts so that articles are  more user-friendly. If you are using photos that are not yours, please make sure you have permission and credit the owner or website. You should send your pictures as attachments. Please make sure that the article is around 200-500 words, and it is free of abusive language, SMS language, and personal attacks please.

We have also launched an Instagram page, for short stories, poems/quotes, and short posts, and if you want to be featured, do get in touch with us.