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Book : Wings

Thanks to Sunny Angel for Sending a copy. If you want to buy her book, click this link  Finished the book in a day. The writing is very powerful, and it explores many issues like forced marriage, marital rape, domestic violence, emotional abuse, self harm,suicide, honor violence, gender stereotypes, victim blaming and many more.  …

Book: The Secret

9 / 10 This kind of books were new to me and I had a great time reading it. It’s a heavy read but totally worth the time.   It covers a wide range of experts from astrophysicist to doctors. well written,well supported with opinions and facts  It enables you to see things in a…

Made by Raffi book

9 / 10 It’s a very lively,colorful and fun book with lots of illustrations and many positive messages. Embrace our differences, don’t be shy to think out of the box and stop bullying because every child is different and special in its own way .. Made by Raffi book