Review Corner

#1 Review: Face gems 

Here is a review I made for Feather & bone. Thank you for sending me a sample to review


“Feather & Bone is an inventive, fresh and unique personal care company.  We are dedicated to the creation of fresh products solutions  Uniquely for YOU.  At Feather & Bone our mantra is INDIVIDUALITY and AUTHENTICITY.Authenticity – it’s your inner core, your gravity, it’s the intangible and everything else is noise and constantly changing.  How you look from child to old age will change.  You change yourself through make-up and clothing to fit in, but in reality your inner core, values and authenticity is static.  Feather & Bone believes that the best way to fit in is to be you. At Feather & Bone our goal and mission is for men and women to feel empowered by who they are as individuals and embrace their inner weird and authenticity.  Our products help bring back the authentic you.  A rebirth of you, so strip down to the bare your Feathers and Bones and start your journey with us – orange is the new you. Instructions:Pop one tablet and place in the palm of your hand,Using your hand add 5-10 drops of water as needed and apply pressure on tablet to break to form a paste, Scoop paste from palm to massage/apply on full face and wash face !!Ingredients used : Sandalwood,Fuller’s Earth,starch ”

_Feather & Bone

I asked some of my friends,[Who like make-up,beauty products etc] to test out the samples. The verdict :

<< You can bring it anywhere,to school,to hiking to gym practice.It’s easy to use and I love the unique ingredients.Never heard about the ingredients before and the effects was immediate,my skin was clean,soft & fresh! >> <<Perfect for oily skin.Removes excess oil and all the dead skin.The smell was not that good but the paste worked out well.And the best part,it did not left my skin all dry.>> << It did not take me long to use it. I made a paste and applied it on my face. My skin looked soft after the wash & I guess it does not contain any harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients are better & the effects are even more satisfying 🙂 >>

It was fun trying out those samples.Thank you again for sending me the face gems 😀 .

#2 Review: Made by Raffi book 

It’s a very lively,colorful and fun book with lots of illustrations and many positive messages. Embrace our differences, don’t be shy to think out of the box and stop bullying because every child is different and special in its own way 🙂




It’s not only a book for children but also for adults so if you want to buy yours, click here  and if you love the book be sure to like made by Raffi on Facebook. Click here to read the interview

#3 Review: Himalaya face products 


I think everyone knows that face products usually contain a lot of chemicals and that’s why I feel that we should give Herbals a try!  I got 3 face products from Himalaya herbals and I am going to review it for you!

Clear complexion Whitening Face scrub 


  • Affordable
  • Nice smell
  • Does not dry your skin,good for people with dry or sensitive skin
  • Leaves skin soft
  • Light scrub, beads are not too rough on skin
  • Good packaging, handy


  • Does not remove blackheads or blemishes. Product claims are false
  • Not suitable for oily/acne prone skin
  • Glowing skin does not last long
  • Results do not appear after first use


Purifying Neem face wash



  • Affordable
  • Handy
  • Contain no harsh chemical, mild and gentle on skin
  • Good smell
  • Refreshing
  • It helps with acne pimples
  • Removes some traces of makeup
  • Leaves a nice glow on face after several usage


  • Existing pimples stays the same
  • Pimples marks still persists
  • Does not help much for people having severe acne breakouts
  • Can dry the skin so should put a moisturizer on after use

Refreshing Fruit Pack 


  • Handy
  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply and blends easily
  • Does not dry the skin too much
  • The fruit pack is not too heavy on skin


  • Tingling
  • Color of fruit pack tends to change color with time



#4: Book: The secret 


Being a book nerd, I like experimenting on new books and this time, I picked a self help book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

This kind of books were new to me and I had a great time reading it. It’s a heavy read but totally worth the time.

It covers a wide range of experts from astrophysicist to doctors. It is well written,well supported with opinions and facts and change your way of thinking too. It enables you to see things in a new light and be positive,spread positivity around as the book is about laws of attraction and optimism. No spoilers intended, read the book as it is a great one. Graphics and writings look nice too and it brings you into another world. Only negative point is that, it’s bulky and not that easy to read.But then again, I do not want to spoil the book tagline by negativity so we’ll keep that away. A must have book ! 🙂