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One and the Same is PR friendly, and we accept reviews, collaborations, sponsored posts. If you feel that One and the same is the right place for you, do send us an email, and we will review your offer. Please note that products sent for reviews, will not be returned back , and we will only promote products that our audience will benefit from.  If we are not comfortable with a product,we will not feature it on the website, but unboxing will be done on our insta story. Opinions will be honest, but however there is no guarantee that the product will be good for you too, especially regarding skincare / hair products.






  • Please kindly avoid using SMS language,foul language or fashion language.
  • When you talk to others ( any person on the website,or the admins), you must remain polite and behave well. This is called RESPECT
    If someone behave rudely,his/her comment will be immediately deleted by the admins.
    The moderation team has had enough of these behaviors. If what you have to say that does not help the person, if you post to make fun of someone, or you want to insult someone ,then please refrain from posting.
    Any abusive / derogatory post against anyone will be deleted
  • You have every right to disagree with the content but please remember that hate comments will never make your day.
  • Please do not copy paste content anything on this blog 🙂

Posts and ideas on this site belong to One and the same 

unless otherwise stated. Please do not take my post/work and use on your blogs or websites without properly linking to the page on One and the same  .Please do not claim my work as your own & copying my writings and publishing as your own is also infringement . Please write your own content & If you’ve found my content elsewhere without a link back to this site, please  let me know! But  you can take some of my photos which belong to or other as stated on the post itself.Material that are not mine are clearly mentioned on the post i.e the source, reference or with * or a blackquote,sometimes with a double “

We,at OneAndTheSame always try to link back as far as possible .Since the internet is a messy place, and sometimes hard to trace original sources, if you found a photo on One and The same, which is yours, and no proper credits have been given, please do email us first and we will take the photo down as soon as possible.

  • Please note that materials on our free resources library are subject to copyright
  • Be sure to read general Terms and conditions


FAQ[Frequently asked questions]

Can I nominate you for a blog award or something?

Sure.My pleasure. I am forever thankful for all your support.

Do you host events? 

Yes.I do. If you want me to host a blogging event,shoot me an email.

Do you go to blogging events?

Yeah,but you need to email me first so that we can discuss important things about the event

I want to send you something,what should I do ? 

Email me and we’ll see 

I emailed you, but you didn’t reply?Why? 

Due to a high number of emails everyday, it is difficult to reply to everyone. We are trying to respond to many people as possible and if ever you sent me an email and I haven’t  replied back, please allow me at least 1 week to revert back and if you do not hear from me, please send me a follow up email.

Your blog is beautiful. Where do you find GIFs?

Thank you! The signatures can be found at live signature  and the theme is designed by Developed by Think Up Themes Ltd, and credits for the photos in the slideshow goes to respective owners.

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  1. skymama65 - Reply

    what a wonderful blog!! Now then: every time I try to link, or hit the “reblog” or “press this”, a person’s blog shows up on my page to share, but always puts my name to it, instead of the owner. I’ve corrected, somewhat, by creating a “articles by others” category, but it still lists me as the primary blogger, in which case, I simply add a forward to comment about what my reader is being introduced to. Is there another way in which to repost your blog posts on my blog? I would LOVE to add some of your mason jar gift ideas to my new “How a Welfare Queen Saves money, DIY recipes” category…

    I will be back, often, to enjoy this blog the most!

    • Unsmileys - Reply

      Hi,Thank you so much 🙂
      Maybe you should go on the support forum to get a solution 🙂 I really don’t know what wrong with your blog.Try going to your dashboard & search for reblogging feature. And if you liked some articles but you are not able to reblog it,then you could share it to your social media(Facebook,twitter,pinterest or bloglovin’) for your followers to see. Hope it helped! Best wishes 🙂

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