Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer Abroad

Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer Abroad

Contradicting opinions always surround the idea of volunteering abroad.
Some consider it as an amazing chance to see the world and others see it as a precious time wasted on something that does not even pay.Without doubt, being a volunteer abroad is something you have to try before expressing your opinions. It is also something you should try before getting older and having responsibilities of adult life. Not only will it give you new perspectives, but also provide with so many experiences and skills.


1. Independence and self-development
Volunteering in your homeland and abroad are two different things. One feels safe and less adventurous because of being so close to home and not being challenged to adapt to new environment. But volunteering abroad is a completely different situation: one where you know you can rely on yourself only, adapt to new culture, changes, mentalities and get out of your comfort zone.
It also develops the sense of responsibility and alertness. You get to make your own decisions realizing that you will be the one paying for the consequences. It is a great experience especially for teenagers and young adults to have a “preview” of adult life.

2. No More Stereotypes
It is undeniable that we all perceive people differently. Following our culture and history, it is natural thing for the representatives of every nation to stereotype others due to the color of the skin, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or any other aspect. Volunteering abroad breaks all the stereotypes. Participating at an organization along with your peers from all over the world gives you a completely different perspective. It does not only make you tolerant, but also allows you to accept and appreciate people the way they are.

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3. Multiculturalism
Everyone has the chance and ability to be multicultural, meaning that it is possible to obtain more than the culture you are born in. Volunteering abroad gives that amazing opportunity to experience and live in a different environment with different traditions, habits, attitudes, allowing the participant to get out of the one cultural shell that distracts us from experiencing and gaining more knowledge, open mindedness and new perspectives.

4. Different Worldview
The lack of interaction with the outside world is like living in a box. You are surrounded with the same old, familiar walls preventing you from seeing something more. Consequently, our worldview depends a lot from where you live and how much you are willing to get out of the box to open your limited mind to new way of thinking and seeing the world.

5. Travel
Considering it as the least important point in these obtained qualities, traveling is the most common reason why people apply for volunteering. Every volunteering schedule has breaks, which allows the participant to take time and explore the foreign streets and beautiful, well-known sights. Volunteering also gives the opportunity to travel with new friends and learn more about the country and each other along the way.


Guest post by Anna 

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