Mental health : Build a new world with your light

You close your eyes once and you see a zillion little dreams in a complete new world. That’s your world. Where everything is everything. Where nothing is obscure. Where enigma comes to reality. And where you find yourself captivated by ‘yourself’.

In that world, you owe ‘you’ to your dreams. There’s magic inside, there’s imagination.This smile is what no one understands but that’s the only reward you receive from your imagination. Your imagination is your creation. You form what you want. You reform what you want.

You are in melancholy all day and then you smile your heart out.What else could ‘your’ world gift you? How else could you live your imagination in that particular moment?When you’re hopeless in this cosmos, it’s your world that elates you. It’s your world that shows you how your near future would be- happy and all with adventure.

The Northern Lights. The Roller Coaster rides. The top of the Eiffel Tower. The long, desolate roads leading to the void are true everywhere in your dark, closed eyes.And, once you open your eyes, the corners of your lips still tilted up, that’s the actual happiness. That’s just where imagination and dreams meet the ‘real’ world. Where ‘your’ world and the real world converge. This inexplicable smile is, therefore, the beautiful, pretty horizon of the two worlds.


To everyone, who is going through something, never give up. Pause for a while, and look at the beauty inside you. There is the best of both worlds. And this is worth fighting for.

Author’s bio : Gazal Lalwani is a student of class 11th. She reads fiction and writes mostly about abstract topics. She is not much into social networking sites but likes to socialise and interact with people in person. She also has a vivid passion for travelling

Note: ideas and opinions expressed are of our writers
Edited by : Yeshna Dindoyal

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