4 Steps to Organize an Unforgettable Kids’ Birthday Party

Organizing an unforgettable kids’ birthday party can be stressful and time-consuming but not impossible. Whether you are gathering all of your kid’s friends at your house or you have another venue in mind, preparation is key if you want to impress your guests and surprise them with unexpected activities. Kids’ parties can be a little tricky because they require a mix of different, entertaining activities, delicious food and an impressive cake. To come to your help, we’ve compiled a list of steps that will guide you through the entire process. Get ready to become the best kids’ birthday party planner your friends and family have seen.


1. Talk to Your Kid about What They Want and What Expectations They Have

Unless you’re planning a surprise kids’ birthday party, you should get your kid involved from the very start. Begin planning the party one or two months in advance. This will give you enough time to make a list of things you need to buy, plan the activities, invite your guests and give them plenty of time to RSVP. The first step in tackling the birthday party is having an open conversation with your child.


Ask specific questions and help them articulate how they want their birthday party to look like. Do they have a specific theme in mind? Help them out by offering a few suggestions. Do they have a favorite cartoon character that could inspire the party? A party theme would help you a lot but you can still plan a party without a theme. Just make sure you take your kid’s wishes into account.



2. Think About the Guest List at Least Two Months in Advance

Don’t take your guests by surprise and announce them about the birthday party one week before! Otherwise, you risk no one showing up and having a very disappointed kid. Start working on your guest list two months in advance and once again consult your child. After all, it’s their party and they should only invite whom they want. Find out if they want to throw a big party and invite the whole class or if they want only their closest friends to join them on the celebration.


Knowing how many people to expect at your kid’s birthday party will most likely dictate the type of party you have to plan. A pool party in your backyard is suitable for 6-8 kids but might get overwhelming if 20 kids attend.


3. Figure Out What Entertainment You Want to Use

Booking entertainment is one of the first priorities to take care of as soon as you know the rough number of guests that are going to attend. Don’t wait too long to hire a magician or a fairy as they are in high demand and they are often booked months in advance. If you’re drawing blanks, ask for recommendations from other parents or people who have used entertaining services before. However, do your own research and read reviews online before committing and booking any entertainer.


If you want things to go smoother, you can resort to professional birthday party services that take care of outdoor activities. Hiring a team to do all the work will leave you with more free time to deal with guest lists, catering and even buying presents. There are a plethora of party services you can choose from according to your budget and preferences. You should also factor in the age group of your kids and their friends. Fun birthday party activities are extremely varied, ranging from treasure hunting and charades to tug of war and paintball.


4. Take Care of the Small Details Before the Big Day

Once you’ve sent out the invitations, decided on catering or cooking and booked your favorite entertainers, it’s time to tackle the small details that will really make the party unforgettable both for the kids and the parents:

  • Party favors – consider ordering party favors for each guest to take home at the end of the day. These should fit in with the theme you’ve chosen for the party and they can be complete with goody bags.
  • Drinks and snacks – make a list of needed drinks and snacks and go grocery shopping. If your party includes adults as well as kids, stock up on beer, wine and cocktail ingredients. Buy a variety of snacks, including fruit.

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