Food Parts That Are Surprisingly Useful



No one likes to waste food & hate to throw away fruits & vegetables that can still be useful.
So for this week, we came across some weird facts [again!] about some food parts/remains that can be useful.

1. Banana peel as bandages!


About 40 million tons of banana peel are disposed of or go unused each year worldwide, according to a 2013 study. Use yours to polish leather (rub it against the outer side, then buff with a soft cloth) or to heal wounds (rub the pulp side on bruises and scrapes to deliver potassium) or to fertilize plants (soak peels in a jar of water—then mix five parts tap water to one part banana-water)

2.Pumpkin filling as face mask!

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Pumpkin is filled with antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, exfoliating retinoic acid, and soothing zinc, which make for a perfect face mask. Try mixing 2 teaspoons of canned puree (or, pureed Jack O’Lantern) with 1/2 teaspoon honey, 1/2 teaspoon milk, and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. Apply and leave the thick mixture on your face for 10 minutes before washing off

3.Potato peel as anti-aging secret!

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Use leftover peel and pieces for a little pampering—used like spa cucumbers slices, potato will help lighten stubborn, dark circles under your eyes. The secret ingredient is catecholase, an enzyme found in potatoes that has skin-lightening properties

4.Stale bread as eraser

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Aside from making bread crumbs or croutons, you can run stale bread through your spice or coffee grinders to remove any leftover odors or residue. If you have smudges or marks on the walls—even crayon—remove the crust, wipe the spot with a soft cloth, and then rub semi-stale bread against it. The sponge-like texture will work like a store-brand cleaning eraser.

5.Onion skin as anti-inflammatory agent!

The flaky wrapping around onions is rich in nutrients, like quercetin, a plant pigment that can prevent arteries from clogging, lower blood sugar, and reduce inflammation. Still, a 2011 study found that in the E.U. alone, 500,000 tons of onion waste (like the skin and the bulb) are thrown away each year. Even though the skin isn’t edible, you can still reap the health benefits by adding onion skins to broth while cooking soups and stews.

6.Expired olive oil as makeup remover!

The forgotten bottle of olive oil in your cupboard has lost its fragrant taste, but you can still find fresh ways to use it. Dab a bit on the teeth of a zipper that just won’t budge or use it to wipe off eye makeup without a hassle. Even more clever uses: Massage into your dog’s paws to relieve cracking or pain, rub into the leaves of potted plants to make them look healthier

7.Orange candles

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The orange peel can be used for many different things but oranges candles are totally a new trend.

8.Fruit Ice Cubes

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Your fruits are going to become stale or bad. No problem,just freeze them and use later 🙂

9.DIY dry fruits

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Simply dry your fruits to make them last longer !

10.Apple Browning

Fed up of apples turning brown & having to throw them away. Use this simple tip

To keep apples from browning,mix 2 tablespoon of honey & one cup of water.Let the apples soak and no more brown apples or you can also use use a rubber band to prevent the apple from going brown.


11.Melon Bowl


After eating your melon,save your melon to make a bowl. No more washing dishes.,weheartit via tumblr[photocreditstoowners],,,tips not intended as medical advice, I do not own photos


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