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Tips on Camping in Summer Heat!
Summer Camping and Holiday season is considered to be a perfect combination by those who love to travel around. Not only the weather is all bright and sunny but the summer vacation of kids and crisp summer evenings definitely ask for a beautiful outdoor camping experience.
However, these trips require a lot of careful planning as a summer camping expedition might get exhausting and challenging to say the least if there will be lack of proper planning. Here are top 5 tips to beat the heat as you set off on an interesting summer camping trip.


1. Pack The Right Clothing:

Since summertime is generally characterized by high heat temperatures and intense sunlight; make sure that you dress up as per the weather requirements. Pack up good pair of boots and comfortable clothing items including white chiffon shirts and light linen-made trousers. Moreover, keep a pair of flip flops and hats as well to save yourself from the scorching heat of the sun.

2. Keep Ample Water Bottles:

While tackling with hot weather, even moderate to a bit rigorous camping activity can cause dehydration. So, make sure that you are fully equipped with a good quantity of water bottles and juices to keep yourself hydrated. Summer season disturb the water balance of the body so you have to keep this balance in check at all times. Fill up your backpack with good supplies of eatables and water as you camp around in summers.

3. Look For Shades:

While setting up the camp; make sure that it is setup in a shaded environment. Who wants to camp in the middle of a sunny day with sun shining brightly on their heads? Certainly no one! So, if you are camping in summers, make sure that you have set up your camp in shades. If there is no natural cover available, worry not, hang a large piece of clothing or a tarp above your camp/tent so that it gives a shaded ambiance.

4. Bring a Battery Operated Fan:

If your tent is setup in an environment where there is no arrangement for air circulation; chances are that you might feel hot and suffocated and it will be impossible for you to move on with your camping expedition in summers.

Therefore, it is always recommended to bring along a battery operated fan to minimize this suffocated effect in your tent. In the nighttime; you can even go for the removal of rain fly of your tent to enjoy the beautiful night breeze of summer season under the clear starry skies.

5. Plan Out As Per Heat Conditions:

While in summers; everyday is a hot day, however, some days are lesser hotter than the others as the heat temperatures tend to fluctuate. Therefore, if you are heading off to a camping trip in summers; keep the heat conditions of any chosen day in mind.

For instance; if you are looking to camp in the peak summers months; try doing that during the early hours of the day just after the sunrise. In this way; you will be able to reach your destination before the intense heat hours will start and will not feel the burden of it that much.



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