Fantastic beasts DIY projects ideas

Jk Rowling blessed us with a Harry Potter spin off – Fantastic beasts and where to find them. The book, the movie and Newt opened up a new Happy Potter world!

Whether you are a No-maj or a muggle, here are some DIY that you can do.


You’ll need:  wreath, wire cutters, hot glue/glue sticks, brushes,plastic leaves


  1. Find branches on your wreath that would make for a good bowtruckle and cut them with your wire cutters

  2. Glue the branches together with a hot glue gun to form your bowtruckle

  3. Paint your bowtruckle green and add his/her eyes with blank paint

  4. Find two leaves from your plastic leaf bunch for the bowtruckle’s head

  5. Glue the leaves to the top of the bowtruckle’s head


2.Newt magical suitcase

Instructions here 


3. DIY Occamy Eggs.

  1. DIY bookmark:

5.Queenie’s Strudel

  1. The DIY shirts

7.DIY Tie Blanket

8.Newt wand 

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