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Hello guys, now that New Year and holidays are over,it’s time to get back to work. Today we have a very interesting guest post on office desk design ideas. Enjoy! 


All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

You come up with any other rhyme, advertisement jingle or anything monotonous next to the aforementioned – and, yet, nothing could beat what Jack Nicholson, keyed in that typewriter, in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” It is true workplace can at times bore you out but I don’t quite agree with you if you say it’s all bore and nothing but bore. Jack must have had too much of sabotage working, working and sobbing his way down at work alone. Well, as a matter of fact he kind of did have. And, being a dull boy myself I can only empathize with him.

Why you might want to ask? Because for some people workaholic symptoms may spread quite easily just like a virus. Especially in quieter work stations that is, where you cannot even hear a pin-drop.

To avoid this paranoia – we present you with some of the hippest office desk design ideas that would leave no stones unturned at the office. You want to be the next nerd at the office? Or someone with a caboodle of creativity? Take a look.

~ Ten of the Hippest Office Desk Design Ideas ~


#1. The Reindeer Desk!

Designer: Alex Kozynets

The Reindeer desk, designed by Alexander Kozynets, is a sleek and spacious work desk that looks achingly close in appearance to how an actual Reindeer may look like if at all Santa’s pet existed i.e.  We know about the existence of this one, though, an ideal foil for those with oodles of creativity in them. Get space, comfort, convenience and minimalism – in a seamless workstation desk that just kills it for you in terms of look and utility. The long plateau foretells well to those who favor fun at the work place for just in case if you are bored to death – you might as well play snooker on it. Or Carom for that matter. We would love to call this a Kozynets masterpiece for the Cozy work desk next to you.


#2. Duplex Work Desk

Designer:  Sophie Kirkpatrick

As much trouble I am having in pronouncing Sophie’s second name – I may have no trouble working on the Duplex Work Desk. In a staid, wooden-like shelve on top – all you could fit-in is one person. But, one is enough it seems in case if you want privacy for life. This one for the techies I must confess though. Or in other words – for those of you who works on a laptop all day along, and slouch a lot. Get space for placing a Laptop and mini-compartments for storing basic necessities. And, a pneumatic lever too for opening up the shelf and for closing.


#3. The Wave Desk

Designer: Robert Brou

Looking at the Wave Desk – you instantly get the feeling there is a surprise package lying in there somewhere. You would be reminded of a giant antelope or some kind of sea monster; with many-a-crawling legs. This against-the-wall work desk doesn’t merely have legs for namesake, though, for it has legs with drawers in them and acres of desk space on top as well. Make Sense?


#4. The Life Desk

Designer: Haishan Deng

An alumni of Cleveland Institute of Arts College (CIA) – Deng conceptualized this one by taking cues from a nigh controversial “Triangle of Life” theory. And, not just that, the moniker – Life Desk – has a story behind it too; evocative of China, 2013 where many shed their lives, whilst hiding under a table, amidst an earthquake. With sinewy steel and nylon aboard – the desk is a foldable one, capable of slanting in triangular shape i.e. Just in case if an earthquake beckons itself, you might as well resist the temptation to stay hidden with one of these. Which is no real joke, mind you, because this is some serious work of art that, for once, imitates life.


#5. The Kkanapetko Desk

Designer: Krassi Dimitrov

How often have you had daydreams sitting in one of those Batpods which Christian Bale used in The Dark Knight? Enter the Kkanapetko Desk – pronounce as you may – because it’s in not in the name but the sheer utility where this one packs a punch. Fiddling in the roller tires beneath, as many as 3 drawers in either of the sides (one for printer/scanner and two each for music accessories) and the capability to accommodate even 3 people – this is one cool desk simulation, in a single unit. Hats off Krassi Dimitrov for that deserves nothing less than high fives!


#6. Le Orchidee Desk

Designer: Marc Fish

I may not be an art connoisseur or anything but I believe I have quite the tinge of grey matter upstairs, to known when and how an artiste’s range reciprocates in their work.

Le Orchidee means the emotional and physical connection between a parent and a child: so read the snippet in Marc Fish’s website. And, having gone through that I am left with his simple yet powerful piece of wooden work. All the guy has whittled down in here is a nigh tabular design that reminds me of a keyboard or a piano at first look but is not. What may seem a tawdry piece of wooden furniture on top actually has layers of veneer in it. And, not just that, a drawer cum mini-holders inside of it too. Enough said.


#7. The Crocodile Leather Desk

Designer: Sabino Aprile

For its classy look and the no-nonsense finish made of stainless steel, coupled with genuine leather and tidbits of wood: nothing would beat the Crocodile Leather Desk by Italian designer Sabino Aprile. This is for the traditional workaholic in you or for those of you sitting in the welcome box of an office. Don’t underestimate this little beauty or overlook its eye-catchy design as such. The wardrobe-privy leather matte finish hidden in there somewhere is the surprise package here much akin to a Crocodile popping out of a serene river.


#8. Novtana Desk

Designer: Luke Riggal

Enough with the hyperbole for the time being at least, and let us simply travel back in time to the good old days. I say that because, the minimalistic design elements and the downright staid look of the Novtana Desk designed by Luke Riggal – is tailor made for Apple lovers featuring an iPod dock and leeway for storing utensils and speakers. In case if you remember the Medium Density Fibre boards (MDF) – you know what I am talking about here. Something silky smooth, milky white in color and one that may camouflage your office staples as well. Luke or Cool Hand Luke? You name it.


#9. The Baobab Desk

Designer: Phillipe Stark

This work desk made of polyethylene is for the ladies first and foremost. The Baobab Desk would cram in anybody and/or literally anything you denounce to be feminine in this life or the next. Not so meek if you think about it because this simple looking work desk has cup-boards submerged seamlessly inside it not for show-off but to give utility and storage i.e. However, when you look at it from front-on or side-on – it doesn’t necessarily seem like it has leeway for storage inside does it? For people of a certain vintage – that is the beauty of creativity in itself. Period.


#10. The K Workstation

Designer: MisoSoup


If you don’t have much space at the office? You don’t necessarily have to run for all money to reach the cup-board or store room situated in someplace else. The K Workstation, made of bamboo laminated ply-wood has acres of space to solve the conundrum. K or Ok – this is a Fit-to-the-Wall Workstation with plenty of room for fiddling in files and folders on top; and a mini cabin for laptop or desktop PC right below. Which is more of an extension of the same woodcraft, mind you, not separate work desks. It’s a product designed by MisoSoup, just for namesake I mentioned that.


I know I might have used one too many hyperboles in this blog. But, seeing the kind of artistry and bravura we have in store: tell me how I can even I afford not afford to wax lyrical every now and then? These are quite extraordinary piece of work desks I must confess. And, although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea these may prove to be the E=MC2 of modern day work desks in the longer run. Those of you, and people like me, who works like a jackass at the office day in day out need nothing less than the convenience, the style and the substance which is being provided here. Now, tell me, where is our friend Jack _ the dull boy? Is he even alive and kicking?

P.S. Please feel to give feedback to this blog w.r.t value, timeliness, readability etc. If you have better offing’s than the ones I have shared above, please feel to share those as well. Thank You.

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