17 blogging hacks and Tips for 2017

Hello beautiful people. I hope you had a great Christmas and your holidays are going on well. As the world planet knows, 2016 will be over in 2 days and 2017 is right here. Happy New year everyone and may you always be happy. With New year comes a lot of resolutions and I personally don’t believe in resolutions but I agree that we should rethink our life,filter the negativity and welcome change.

If you are throwing a New year party,here are some DIY and tips, and you can also take a look at some easy DIY New year treats and cakes here.  Keep reading

Before starting the article, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone; my followers,my subscribers,the tech experts who helped me build my blog and to every person who read my blog, many many thanks. Your love and support is what keeps me going. Back in 2012, I remember the few followers I had but all credit goes to you for making this blog grow as well as our family. Thanks 🙂 Without you people, today I would never have been able to write an article on blogging tips so thanks for reading. If you seeing this blog for the first time, do subscribe and join in. This year have been amazing and I had the chance to be involved in many blogging projects and work with brands I love. Cheers to blogging!



17 blogging hacks and Tips for 2017

I’m sure that if you google blogging tips,you will come across thousands of posts and I’m just going to share my personal favorites. And if you are not a computer expert or you are new at blogging,don’t worry,this guide is easy to understand

  1. Have clear goals about blogging

Bloggers today have gained a lot of respect and there are some bloggers who make a living online. So it’s important to know what you want to do with blogging when you start a blog. For example, I started this blog like an online diary but as it grew,I decided to take blogging seriously and took it to another level. So if you have a big audience, maybe you can start monetizing your blog but keeping in mind that the quality is same. Also, depending on your choice,you can decide whether you want to host your blog on a free platform or self host it.

2. Create content that genuinely helps people

I’m not going to lie but there are multiple times when I visit a site and those pop out ads cover the entire screen,or the site loads slowly due to so many ads.There are also blogs that have very little content but full of ads. So, even if you monetize your blog, make sure that your content genuinely helps people and the quality of your content is what matters the most.

3. Write the type of blog you would want to read

Build your niche and earn the trust of your audience. Blogging has become so competitive, so make your content as unique as possible to stand out

4.Understand that blogging has ups and downs

There are days when your site traffic will be less than usual or some posts will do better than others, and that’s okay. Do lose heart and keep working hard. Blogging is like a roller coaster ride so enjoy its journey. If you are lacking inspiration,it okay to take a break to recharge 🙂

5. Don’t post everyday

It’s up to you to decide your schedule but I think that posting everyday = more followers is a myth. Posting 2 times a week is enough and the rest 5 days, fill it with promoting your articles. Less posting, more promoting 🙂 And also try to be consistent.

6. Guest post more often

It’s good to comment on other people’s blog but leaving your blog link in the comments does not always work. If you want to be known,then guest post on other blogs and don’t forget to make friends!

7.Don’t be shy

Meet new friends, visit other blogs, participate in giveaways and interact with other bloggers.People (especially students at work /school) will look for a chance to bully you maybe,just don’t pay attention to them 🙂

8. Be active on social media

Be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even create a YouTube channel and promote your blog.

9. Over promotion harms your reputation

Promote your blog wisely and don’t harass people to see your blog or spam. This way you will not be able to build a good reputation for yourself.

10. Give your blog a makeover

We are all busy people right ? But definitely find time to beautify your blog and make it unique. Choose your themes , color and layout carefully, it always makes an impact. Include your social media and be creative with the widgets.

11. Do not be afraid to be different

Ever heard of this saying ” What makes you different might be your greatest strength “. So dare to be different and don’t stick to what others are doing. If everyone is doing fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs or food blogs, if you have a passion for hiking for example, why not try that? You will have a better chance to be successful. If you never try,you will never know.

 12. Keep learning

If you do not host your blog on a free platform like wordpress.com, you might have noticed that blogging requires computer knowledge so don’t be afraid when you come across terms like plugins, SEO, etc. Google is your friend so he will surely help you. There are many blogs like http://www.wpbeginner.com/ and many more who offers free tutorial and you can even get online blogging courses for free! Keep learning and keep growing your blog.

13. Be patient

Blogging takes time,to think of a content and write it, it can take a lot of time. Then to edit it,to post it and promote it is even more time consuming so learn to be patient. And it also takes time to build an audience,it doesn’t happen overnight so be patient and focus on your goals

14. Essential tools

There are must have tools that a blogger should have like a camera, and backup tools installed on the blog as well as security plugins so before jumping into blogging, do consider all this.

15. Be ready to invest

If you plan to make money blogging, then you will need to invest for hosting prices, themes etc. But be cautious of how much money you are investing and beware of scams. (PS: if you are looking for a good affordable hosting company, do check Bluehost )


16. Explore your other skills

It is of no doubt that blogging is a skill and while blogging,don’t forget to explore your other skills like photography, writing, interviewing or even social media marketing.

17. Have fun

Have fun while blogging. Blogging should be a passion first of all. Even if you make a living online, have fun and make blogging fun. If you are sitting near your laptop, complaining that you have to write X posts and keep ranting or thinks that posting new articles is a burden ,then blogging might not be for you.


Hope it was useful. And if you don’t have a blog, why not create one ?

This post is decided to all my readers and the blogging family. Happy New year 🙂



Stay tuned for some more blogging fun in 2017! If you want me to do more guides on blogging, let me know.


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