Harry Potter inspired Christmas Party | DIY, hacks, Food and decoration

Finally, Christmas is in the air! Sit back , relax and enjoy these DIY, food and harry Potter inspired deco!



1.Harry Potter Christmas tree 

The famous Christmas tradition is of course a Christmas tree. To customize your christmas tree,  don’t forget to replace Santa hat by the sorting hat and simply add some Harry Potter decorations like stags, badges, letters..




2. Harry Potter stockings

Those stockings are adorable!

3. Harry Potter christmas ornaments 

To make  The Golden Snitch ornament,


First, draw an actual size sketch of how you want your snitch wings to look on a scrap piece of paper. Use this as a guide to shape thin craft wire into your wing shape.

Close the shape by twisting the wire around the other one 3 or 4 times to make a tight coil.Coat wires with glue and lay a sheet of tissue paper over top of wires. Use a clean dry brush to push down on the paper, sticking it down to the wires all around each wing. Let dry, then cut out, leaving a few millimeters of paper as a border. Apply glue to border and roll over edges of wire all around the wing. Coat wings on each side with white glue and apply light gold glitter. Let dry

Full tutorial here



A sharpie + baubles = done.

To make letter ornaments : 

4. Harry Potter Jumpers 

So Christmas is the time of the year where we like to wear  pyjamas and jumpers to keep us warm.

This time, try those Harry Potter jumpers



5. Butter beer 

We all like hot cocoa during Christmas right? But why not try this homemade  Butter beer.


Click here for recipe

Frozen butterbeer

Butter Beer ice cream floats with caramel and coconut here 

Butterbeer hot chocolate here 

Classic butter beer [without beer ] directions here 



I wonder how Christmas is like in Hogwarts. I wish that I get my hogwarts letter this christmas 😛

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