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Hello guys, today we have Leigh with us ,our guest blogger and she will show us some nice tips and hacks that can help you get better SAT scores. You can also use those tips for any exam and don’t forget to share the article for others too

The secret of high SAT score is hidden in your taste of music

Can your taste in music accurate predict your future? From researching a number of scholarly journals, collegiate records and data collected from work looking into the link between musical taste and SAT scores, then it does appear there seems to be a relationship between the two. Although conclusions from the data are deemed to be accurate, it is of course, not set in stone. At the end of the day, you are a product of your environment, but it is interesting to note the correlations between music and academic performance:

Why musical taste is important?

As we grow up, there are a number of decisions and events in our life that we will most certainly be aware of:

  1. Our taste in music as that can often define our social circle during high school.
  2. SAT scores. We will fully aware and reminded more than we can remember, that these can decide what college we attend and ultimately dictate our future.

How can we determine our future just based on what music genre we prefer? According to the research, those who prefer the more intellectual and sophisticated artists such as Bob Dylan or Beethoven are much more likely to achieve a SAT score above the national average of 1070 in comparison to those who prefer pop or rap artists like Lil Wayne and Beyonce.

What this means for you?

Of course, our academic exams are important and a good SAT score will help us on our way. At the end of the day though, how we hold ourselves as an individual or perform in our job within the real world is far more significant than our taste in music or a score on a test in high school…


Some Hacks and Tips for Using Music to Study : 

  1. Take Advantage of the Mozart Effect: Known as one of history’s best and most tragic composers, Mozart’s music might be even better than Beethoven’s for you. Play classical music in the background while studying – not too loud.
  1. Alternatively, Try Instrumentals: Classical music in the old 19th century sense does not work for everyone. Even film soundtracks and video game scores can have a similar effect.
  2. Listen Before You Study: lay on the couch or bed and listen to classical music or instrumental music for a few minutes. Keep going to both empty your mind and inspire it, so when you get started you are in the right place to do it.


  1. Listen Before an Exam: Load your phone or mp3 player with a track list of songs which make you feel good and inspire you. Consider as many classical or instrumental pieces as possible as these tend to make the brain more effective.
  2. Avoid the Radio: Do not use radio or music channels because on air discussions, talks, adverts and so on will only distract you from your studies.
  3. Don’t Spend Too Long Picking the Songs: Keep it simple, the longer you spend picking songs, the less time you have to actually study.


To all those having exams, good luck! Hope you got to know something new and thanks to Leigh for this great post.

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