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So today, I’ll show you some Phone Photography hacks to enhance your photos  and I know we live in a world where we post everything on instagram, twitter and with those hacks and tricks,you don’t have to spend money on filters(shoutout to a friend of mine who gave me this idea). You can take better photos for your blog as well without a huge expensive fancy camera

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1.Clean your lens 

iphone 7

Lens can easily get dirty and smudged, so clean your front and back lens regularly


2. Basic photography 


You don’t need to take a photography course to take good photos. A little knowledge doesn’t hurt though and if you want to create quality photos,then it’s essential that you know at least the basic photography rules like how to play with frames, lights/exposure, distance,heights and to take as many photos as possible at different locations,time and to edit them using apps


iphone creative shot



3.Use another torch instead of your phone flash  in low-lighting.


or create effects with a torch



4.Rule of thirds


From Buzzfeed


An easy hack to make pictures look better is to imagine your picture has been divided into three, with guidelines (as shown above). Then, you want to make the focus point of your photo slightly off centre, or have a nice flow of the lines in the picture across all three sections.

You also want to have your horizon completely level, and placed nearer to the top or bottom of your photo, rather than dead centre. If you can’t see a straight horizon, then just try to create balance within the photo. This isn’t a hard and fast rule though; If you think something looks good, then just go with that



Add grids to your screen for better judgement


5.Play with symmetry 


6. Make use of shadows, reflections, and weather 


7. Photo size hack 

#1: Sometimes when you zoom for a photo,it runs the quality so either you move closer or take the photo without zooming and later crop it, it looks better



#2 Thanks Lifehacks for this tip 50d2701b9bf7737352cfa8c20caaab8b

8.Blacklight phone hack



9.DIY smartphone holder


Try this DIY smartphone holder to create unique photos

or you can make one with cardboard


or even a flexible one



PhotographyLife explains how to use tripods for better quality

10.Make a macro lens for free by placing a tiny (and I mean tiny) drop of water on the camera lens. 



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