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Hi people, first of all thank you so much for all the love and good wishes. Even if I don’t respond to all the comments, I read them all and thanks guys! Years ago, I did an article on gardening hacks and DIY and even though Im  not really a fan of gardening but you guys liked the article so I decided to do another one 🙂 Be ready for some gardening hacks as well as some DIY that will make your neighbours jealous lol

1.Wonderful hack  



2.Improve soil quality by this simple DIY


Just grind them and that’s it ,for example  with the eggshell,plants get a calcium boost

3.Put Diapers in the Bottom of Your Potted Plants



Put Diapers in the Bottom of Your Potted Plants to Help Your Plants Retain Their Moisture and Keep Them Looking Fresh Longer

4.DIY Cute Garden Markers





5. Coffee Filters  Retain Water and Soil in  Pots



6.Soak seeds at least 24 hours before you sow them



  1. Thanks you for this amazing tip



8.Use An Old Muffin Pan For Perfect Rows For Planting Seeds



9.More Fruit!


10.Regrow Foods With Water


Things that grow in water are lettuce,bok choy,carrot greens, cabbage,garlic chives,green onions,leeks,lemongrass,


Happy gardening everyone!

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