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Good evening everyone. I have an interesting topic today that concerns all of us. If you are a girl,then these tips might help you & if you are a guy please forward this post to those wonderful  women in your life,it can be your mother,your sister,your girlfriend and I’m sure they will be happy and benefit a lot from it.

Yes periods can be really painful,and I got some tips for you in order to partly/completely stop the pain & make you feel better.








  1. Try some Yoga

It’s hard to actually do Yoga when you are in pain.What you can do is : start doing some stretching/yoga 2-3 days before you’ll be getting your period[Use phone apps to know when you are going to get your period[it’s not highly accurate but still] and the day you’ll get your period,you won’t have that much pain. And if the pain is still here,Elevate your legs a foot or two above the rest of your body with pillows.This can force your uterine muscles to relax.


  1. Take a hot bath or use a hot heating pad/hot bottle

It actually works


  1. Eat wisely

Eat bananas,or drink a sports drink [but avoid coffee],taking omega-3 fatty acids,or take painkillers[consult doctor first]



7. Other tips

Vitamin E may help reduce menstrual pain.Electrolytes in sports drinks,vitamins can reduce cramping.


Try ginger remedy ; simply crush one piece of ginger and place it in a cup of boiling water for two or three minutes. You can then choose to sweeten your ginger infusion by adding sugar. Take this home remedy three times a day after meals.

If you are getting your menses but have no pain at first,try jogging to prevent upcoming pain

Stress,smoking,alchohol are believed to contribute to pain.

When you are getting your period,rest & take a nap. Don’t burn yourself out.

Drink a lot of water,and avoid salty foods (that retain water) and drinking hot tea may help. Opt for hot soups,and take care of yourself,be happy and if you are feeling weak,eat food rich in iron.

For severe pain associated with menstrual cramps, talk to your doctor











Quick note: “Periods do not make us inferior, impure, dirty, it is a natural process that we should not regard as a taboo. It should be an open subject of discussion, boys and girls both should no longer feel uncomfortable talking about periods.”.#Breaking menstrual taboos.

Alright,don’t forget to share this article to all ladies around and let me know your hacks in the comments below.



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