5 Tips/hacks for a better YOU

Happy New Year guys. I hope you had a great a New Year and very excited to start off 2016. This article will be slightly different [ Right,slightly] and I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading all my 2015 articles.2015 has been a great blogging year for me and I have been part of many incredible blogging projects..Thank you so much guys for everything and I’m glad that you liked my articles. I love blogging so much and I am forever grateful for your support. I guess,this intro is becoming  a bit long so we will jump right into the article. This article is a perfect guide for you,it’s all about tips/tricks/habits for a better YOU. Say Yes to things you would normally say NO.I’m not going to stick with things you already know,like exercise more or sleep more.I will try to give you some other tips/hacks as far as possible and those little things that can change your life.

Resolution 1: Start saving money.

I’m not telling you to be money-minded but saving some extra money does not harm.


Resolution 2 : Stay away from people who always put you down or negative people in general who give you pain more than happiness. 

Surround yourself with positive and kind people. . Spread love,not hate and if someone hates you,you don’t have to hate them in return.Having a neutral approach is maybe best solution. I’m not expert in sociology but this helps me personally.By the way,if you want someone to stop bothering you,this life hack may work.


Resolution 3:Take care of your health 

EVERYONE is aware of this but I’m just going to remind you people that your health should be your priority.As simple as that.

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Resolution 4:Help people

I’m not telling you to do big things ,if you do not feel like. I’m just telling to simply smile to people and be kind to people.You have nothing to lose,be kind to people because they are fighting a battle you know nothing about.Spread kindness because an act of kindness is never wasted,it just creates a domino effect.This year,try to brighten other people lives by simply believing in the magic of kindness.You can do it,its takes no big effort/skill,you already have goodness within you & all the resources to be a better person.

  • http://freerice.com/ is a  way to help people out




  • .”Charity Miles is an app that helps you earn money for your charity , every time you walk, bike, or run. You pick the charity, the app tracks your distance, and up to 25 cents per mile is donated on your behalf “.So in short ,while working out, you are helping yourself & other people too
  • Freedie app for Iphones let you help students get food .For every food photo taken at a participating restaurant and shared via social media, 25 cents will be donated to the app’s nonprofit parent company, The Lunchbox Fund, which provides meals to students in rural South Africa

Resolution 5 :Avoid taking to much stress

Here’s how.

I’m not going to repeat things you already know but please remember that you don’t have to be stressed.There are tons of solutions & hack that really help!






Ditch the traditional resolutions. Take those resolution as a way to make yourself a better person.Take these as goals,not resolution=chores. Have an awesome 2016 people:)

This year,I will be doing many projects [so exicted!] and I will be accepting many guest posts as possible.All bloggers/writers are welcome. Just drop me an email 😀 And,I’ll also be doing more interviews so if you know someone,please contact me or if you want to be featured,don’t hesitate to email me 🙂








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    Awesome suggestions, as always. I especially like it when I find something that I’m already doing RIGHT! 😉 Happy New Year back atcha!

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    Really good post and helpful all the same! Really need to take the first one into consideration😂
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