New Year Party Hacks + DIY

2015 is almost over. Today is the last Monday of 2015 and yes,Happy last 2015 Monday ! 😛

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If you are throwing a New Year party , I hope these DIY/hacks will be useful.I know that in some places it’s winter & in some places Summer so this post will inclube both. And if you are in the snow,I am sending you some sunshine 🙂 I hope that you have a bright,great New Year 🙂

1.DIY Cooler


2.Spice up your balloons 

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3.Combine glow sticks with cotton candy 


You have to be extra careful with the glow sticks


4.Broken umbrella with fairy lights


5.Tip for kids :Drop a mini marshmallow in the bottom of a cone to keep ice cream from leaking out.




  1. DIY your garden




7.Use Tonic Water To Make Your Frosting Glow!



Glowing cupcake

8.For drinks


Excess alcohol is bad for health .Avoid them as far as possible. 

9.Throwing a party during winter?



It also keeps your house warm & your guests won’t feel cold

10.A hot chocolate party !

hot-choco-infograf (1)

11.DIY balloon


Fill a round balloon with water and set outside until almost frozen through. Run hot water over frozen globe until balloon pops off. Pour out unfrozen water from inside and insert a tealite. Makes a great walkway accent.

  1. DIY New Year cakes

For more ,click here


Are you planning to throw a party for New Year?

Have a safe & happy New year. Don’t drink & drive,PLEASE! It’s dangerous and we are tired of tellingpeople to drive safe. If you are drunk,DON’T drive,take a taxi or call someone to pick you.PLEASE! Someone loves you,so please be responsible ; so many innocent people are the victims.Do spread the message 🙂

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  1. spreadincrazysmiles -

    My anniversary is on New Years Eve, so I will be using a good majority of these. Thanks for sharing, it’s an awesome post! I love DIY posts, and you put your own personality into this post. I love it!

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