10 Christmas Hacks/DIY


Christmas time! *Oh I need to do my Christmas dance *

Hi guys. Christmas is coming and you will definetely need some Christmas hacks to have a great holiday celebrations.And also,please stay tuned till the end of this article as I’ll show you how to make some fake snow.



1.Use this chart to avoid buying excess decoration



2.Trick your kids


Great hack! 


3.Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet and use a cookie cutter to make hot chocolate hearts.





4.When Halloween meets Christmas


enhanced-buzz-1771-1386736863-16.jpgReuse your leftover Halloween pumpkins to make snowmen.Suitable if you live where there is no snow. A snowman without a snow!

5.The gift trick


Hack: If you don’t know what to gift someone,just tell them that you got the best present ever and the person will ask you what is it. Just tell them that if they guess it right,then you will tell them.And they will start guessing and YAYY!You’ll get to know what they want!




6.Pinecones make great decorations

7.Who asked santa some coal?





8.DIY Christmas countdown


With tons of goodies.It’s cheaper and fun!

9.Organise !

large (1).jpg

  1. Fake snow

There are different ways to make different kind of snow & I’ll show you one

First, you need to gather some things to make fake snow. You could find these things at your house

*sodium polyacrylate (you could find it in a disposable diapers)
*some water

Then, by using a scissor carefuly cut the outer layer of the diaper. You might found somethings that looks like a cotton, thats the sodium!!Just put the sodium into the container and add a little of water first and stir it.If it is still dry, put a little of water again and stir it until it looks like a snow. To much water will not make it dissolve but it wont be white as a snow.

If you the snow to become cold just like the real one, just put it into a refrigerator( not below freezing temp. It will make the snow to become hard like a ice cube)

large (2).jpg


Have a great December ;D


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