Winter Hacks & Tips


Hogwarts during Winter,right 😛


December is here.[Yes,Yes and Yes xD] The time of the year where there is snow,and it is winter in most countries.  Winter can be magical but hard as well.This is why I decided to give you some hacks & Tips so that your winter can be great and awesome! 😛

1.Cut out wool  for extra warmth


2.Place several warm water bottles on your bed several minutes before going to sleep


3.De-ice frozen car doors, locks, and handles

There are several clever ways to do this:

  • Heat your car key with a match or lighter, then gently push the heated key into the lock to melt the ice as you apply pressure. Just be careful as that key will be hot!
  • Another option is to take a regular drinking straw and blow directly onto the frozen lock. The heat from your breath should melt the ice in no time.
  • Rubbing your key or door handle with a squirt of hand sanitizer will have the same effect. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice and shortly allow you to unlock your car





4.Weapon against ice


Spray a mixture of vinegar and water[small amount] on your car windows and this will keep ice from forming on them.You’ll still have to brush the snow,though


5.Ziplocked Mirrors


$_1 (1).jpg

Tired of finding your car’s side mirrors iced up again!Take a big ziploc bag and put it around the mirrors and they will stay clear when you’ll remove the bag


6.Fixing foggy windshields


To clear fog ,use a chalkboard eraser.Your windshield will be clean & clear

7.Stay warm even without a heater

Thanks to wonderhowto

8. Icy steps


9.Sounds weird but it works


Wear a sandwitch bag between two thin socks if you do not have waterproof shoes

10.Place an old mini fridge in your garage.


Natural need to plug in. 😛

11.Fun activity to do 😛



12.Be fit & fine for winter


13.Freeze herbs when they’re at their summer best to preserve them for the winter




14.Turn on your ceiling fan — the right way



Run your fan clockwise during winter as it pushes warm air from the celing downward towards you


15.Last but not least.preparing for Christmas




Please leave in the comments below what christmas article do you want? Baking? DIY? Decoration?

And like this article if you celebrate Christmas during Summer 🙂




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