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Cast a spell this Halloween with delicious & creative cakes. As you all know,halloween is coming up soon and today I’ll show you some gorgeous halloween cakes that you can make [Creepy laughs].And yes,side note: I’m, currently baking from my grave xD That was not creepy but hey who’s ready for Halloween cakes 🙂 🙂

1.The traditional pumpkin cake 
Looks like a hairy pumpkin cake xD. If you want to make it more creepy,you can play with the colors i.e replace the purple by another color and add sprinkles

2.Ghost with muffins

This one is super easy and a nice last minute treat


3.The fake brain 

I love this one and if you want to scare your family,then you should try this,It looks real and it is not difficult to do.


In case you are wondering,that’s fake edible blood 😛

Ingredients Needed: [As per Instructables] 1. Cake Mix 2. Frosting 3. Mini Marshmallows 4.Powdered Sugar5. Cake dye, especially the colors green and red. 6. Oil


Bake the cake using the cake mix. Then add frosting

Then,follow these steps

1. First sift the powdered sugar onto a large board and make a mound in the center. You really need to sift this stuff, it looks super fluffy but it has alot of little clumps that you normally do not notice.
2. oil your hands with the cooking oil of your choice,so that sticky mashmallows do not stick to you
3. get a friend to scrape the melted marshmallows onto the mound of sugar, then dump lots of powdered sugar ontop of it. It should be completely covered.
4. gently kneed in the sugar until it gets a thicker consistency.
5. Once it is thick enough to not run all over the place, kneed it much harder and you would for bread dough. Basically to kneed you use the bottom of your palms to push the dough forward and then use your fingers to pull it back to center. Do this over and over again applying more sugar as it soaks it all up.
6. when the sugar dough turns to the consistency of soft taffy then it is done.


Seperate your fondant into small tennis ball shapes and then rip them open with your fingers. Add equal parts of green and pink to make a realistic brain color. kneed and mix the fondant until the colors evenly mix and are fully incorporated.

Roll the fondant into thin strips of varying lengths and thicknesses.


After that,carefully place the fondant strips one at a time onto the cake. start with one end and then swirl the rest of the length around to create S and G shapes


Prepare your fake blood,with corn syrup with red food coloring and then dump it all around our brain ! We are done



This one is so quick and easy to make.

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5.Jello worms

This one is not really my favourite but I’m gonna share it with you guys.


Make some jello.Allow it to cool then add whipping cream



Once that’s done, you can start pouring the jello mixture into the tops of the straws.That’s what our tray underneath is for. To catch whatever won’t stay in our cup.Pop it in the fridge for at least 8 hours or overnight.The next morning, (or 8 hours later) peel your straws from the jello surrounding them.Untie the ribbon and take a couple straws at a time and run them under hot water for a couple seconds.



Toss some chocolate and voila!

This is sick! 

6.Oreo blast

Who does not like oreo spiders? 


Oreo bats

They are supposed to be creepy but they are cute !

862e2481f5e1cdcc11e39db77a1448d6[Thanks for this pic ]

Halloween desserts 


7.Broken glass cupcakes 

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8. Creepy human body 

Scary fingers

With wiener Sausages with Ketchup and Onion

Baked Human Hand

Meatloaf with Onions and Cheese

Puff Pastry Intestines


Mask Ice Cream Cake


Human Torso Appetizer


Medusa Ice Face and Hands Punch


Rice Monster


Dumplings Served in Science-lab Beakers

Pickled Brains

With cauliflower 


Mad Scientist Potion


According to ourbestbites
Place the Kool-Aid and sugar (or whatever drink you’re using) in the jars.
Fill the jars with water and mix well

Break the ice into chunks that are roughly 4-6 inches long/wide somewhere

Place one piece at a time into each jar, saving the rest to refresh the bubbling potion effect later


Hope this article was fun. Like this article if you want more halloween fun articles.Happy halloween ! 

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