Tips and hacks that can save our lives

I’v been working on this article for quite a while & I hope that you guys will like it  So this post is all about tips and hacks that might save your life that I found on the net & also some advice from different people Feel free to share your tips in the comments below and I’ll include your tips in the article 🙂


#What if you meet a large animal in the forest ?

Don’t run,” says Tony Nester, director of the Ancient Pathways survival school in Flagstaff, Arizona. “You could trigger a chase response in an animal that had no plans to attack you.” Even if it’s eyeballing you as a potential meal, it prefers prey that won’t put up a fight. Make sure the animal knows it’ll have to work for its supper:  Shout and make yourself look as large and threatening as possible. As you put on this show, retreat slowly, being sure never to turn your back to the animal. If a child is with you, he or she may be the more appetizing prey (smaller, weaker), so keep yourself between the animal and the child. A complicating factor. You could be facing an animal that isn’t hungry but is simply guarding its territory. The plan is the same, says Nester. The animal, however, will be more aggressive in this case. If all else fails and the animal attacks, use whatever you can — a stick, your fists — to fight back, concentrating on the animal’s snout.

#Despite news stories that inevitably air before hurricanes hit about people stocking up on flashlights and candles, never use a candle for light during a power failure caused by a wind-related condition such as a hurricane until after the weather has passed. If a window were to break (as can happen from strong wind) or wind were somehow else able to enter your home and knock over a candle, the situation could go from bad to horrific. Even without the wind issue, candles can be dangerous, especially if there are children in the home and/or if candles are carried; exercise caution.

#If you are in a cold climate for a long time at risk of hypothermia, resist eating snow if you are thirsty at (almost) all costs. You will lose way too much body heat just melting the snow in your body.

Never interrupt one while he is yawning People do it for fun, but sometimes it leads to dangerous consequences

If you land up in a desert and have nearly finished your water bottle, this might help. Dig a hole relatively big hole in the sand. place the bottle or something which can collect water (bigger the mouth the better, like an inverted helmet) at the center of the hole. Place a plastic sheet covering the hole and fix it using sand or rocks. Now take a small but slightly heavy object like a stone or the bottle cap and place it on the plastic directly above the bottles mouth. Due to evaporation, water will try to escape but the plastic will keep it from escaping. It turns into droplets of water which slide to the lowest point on the plastic sheet(below the stone). The drops then drip into the bottle at the bottom of the hole.

If you know you’re going to be in a crowded space, take note of the exits.In case of fire or some other kind of disaster, people will always try to go out the door they came in, causing a jam.

Kindly note that I’m not an expert and this may vary depending on the situation /person and other factors I should thank Google [Of course] for all this information and also some great sites over the internet.Sources:[Idonotownanyphotos],,forbes,Quora,buzzfeed Please leave your tips in the comments below and share to save a life 🙂 WHERE TO FIND ME/FOLLOW ME ON : My facebook page : Bloglovin’ : See also : Self defense tips+hacks

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