Fitness:weight loss mistakes that you are probably doing

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Hi guys 🙂 New Year & Christmas is over..It’s time to get back to our daily routine.Due to the hectic festive schedule,we all have probably eaten a lot of fat,calories,sugar etc.It’s high time to get back to track & if you want to lose weight that you gained during the last few days,then do read this article. I’ll give some tips on how to lose weight & also some common diet mistakes that many people make.

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Weight loss mistakes that you are probably doing

1. Excess protein

“Protein is important, but if you have too much, the excess gets stored as fat

Some people when they are dieting,they like to replace carbohydrates/fat by more protein in this diet.Protein is good but excess protein is converted into fat which makes you gain weight.


2. Only juice for breakfast

“Most juice raises blood sugar, so your body produces more insulin. You’ll get hungry and overeat later

Some people like to take only a big glass of fresh juice in the morning. Fresh juice is healthy but try to eat something else along with the juice to avoid craving.And remember never to skip breakfast
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3. Sleeping issues

“Appetite and hunger hormones are greatly influenced by how much sleep you get,” says Pamela Peeke, MD. “Skimp and you’re more likely to eat everything that’s not tacked down.”

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4.Doing the same routine again & again

You can’t do the same exercises over & over again for months and expect the same results. To get better results,vary the workouts,time, intensity & pace
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A top excuse for not exercising: “I’m too tired.” Fake yourself out, urges Holly Wyatt, MD: “Say you’ll walk for only 10 minutes and you’ll likely go longer. Exercise energizes you!”

Indeed true.
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I’ll start next Monday
I didn’t lose any weight this week, so my efforts aren’t working
I blew it today, so I’ll start fresh tomorrow.
I had a horrible day, so I deserve this treat

This is what many people tend to say but we must know that we are responsible for our own health.And ”If we really want to do something,we’ll find a way if not we’ll find an excuse”-unknown.

So guys,whenever you feel demotivated,push yourself & don’t miss your workout

6.Taking Diet Pills

There is actually no evidence that it works so guys exercise everyday,eat healthy & have a healthy lifestyle instead of relying on them.

7.Eating Too Little +Being too strict

Not eating enough food will only lead to lack of fuel for your body, so it is better to watch out what you are eating, instead of how much you are eating.

Dieting does not mean eating less,so be careful & and never skip meals 🙂

8.Hidden sugar/fat in food & liquid calories

Generally,in some food there are high amounts of sugar/fat/calories and we know nothing about it.Here are some examples :

#If you are buying smmothies/milkshakes or any drinks,make sure that the drink does not contain too much of sugar & calories even if they don’t seem so.

#Artificial sweeteners

zero-calorie sweeteners (like those little blue and pink packets you put in your coffee) cause more weight gain compared to real sugar—possibly because they confuse your digestive system, compromising your ability to burn calories and actually increasing food cravings.

#Yogurt covered raisins

They are usually coated with saturated sugar palm oil, or hydrogenated coconut oil with tons of sugar and fat

salad dressings

A healthy salad is a great alternative a high starch, high fat meal. But the salad dressing can add calories that could make any prudent calorie counter blush.

There are many more & you know some of them,so watch out what you are buying & eating 🙂

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“Health is wealth”. Take care guys 😀
And if you are switching to a harsh dieting,do consult your doctor

I hope that you learnt something & find this article helpful 🙂 Let me know if you want more fitness realted articles 🙂

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