Christmas gifts DIY ideas + creative ways to wrap your Christmas presents



Creative ways to wrap your Christmas presents
Using your creativity,you can impress your friends & family this Christmas with your wonderfully-wrapped and unique-looking cute gifts. Here are some ideas

1.Pringles boxes

Pringles boxes can make a great recycled wrapping choice. Simply cover with paper, then stick the ribbon to the top and bottom of the can

2.Paper Gift Packets

Let soft goods shineβ€”sans boxβ€”by layering two pieces of kraft paper together and drawing your chosen shape

3.100 % natural gift

Just add some fresh rosemary and pepperberry or other to make your gift look totally natural. Easy,simple but nice.

You can also use feathers which look nice too.


4. Cute gift boxes

Create cute boxes out of index cards [or other..] to make your gifts look totally unique. Make use of your imagination & some home materials to make really different pretty gifts boxes and drop your gift in πŸ˜€ Your relatives/friends will be amazed.

large (1)
large (2)
large (3)
large (4)

5.Tag Team

Include a cookie in your gift tag for an unexpected treat. Simply write a message on a piece of card stock cut to size, and insert the card and a cookie in the cellophane envelope. Punch two holes through the envelope with a hole puncher, and loop a ribbon through and tie.

6.Photo gift wrapper

Add some real character and individuality to your gifts by adding a fun photograph of the recipient.

7.Christmas inspired gift wrapping.

Customize your gift with some Christmas trees,deers..other fun christmas stuff etc

#Deer Silhouettes

Materials: Butcher paper + construction paper + newsprint + twine

Butcher paper becomes the perfect backdrop for stag silhouettes. Print and cut out our templates, then trace onto newsprint or construction paper and cut out. Tape in place and finish with twine.


“Jingle Bells” sheet music to create a whimsical package with festive cheer

#Gift Toppers

These colorful creations add wow factor to humble brown paper packages.


8.Ribbons! Bows !

Ribbons is a must have christmas accessory.Spice up your gifts with all types of ribbons & bows as you like.

large (5)

large (6)


Forgot to buy your wrapping? Well, don’t worry! You can create the most amazing and funky-looking gift bows and wrapping from the pages of magazines or old maps

Making a gift bow from magazines/newsapers

10.Cute message.
This is the easiest but I think its cute & I really love this idea.What you gonna do is you insert/write/stick a cute message on the person gift.Avoid nametags & Merry Christmas,just write something you like about the person.The person receiving the gift will surely love it & appreciate the mesage especially children

large (7)

Now Im going to give you some DIY affordable gifts ideas for Christmas.This section is mostly for teens/children who don’t want to spend so much of money buying gifts, for whose who are busy,waiting for the last minute to buy Christmas gifts and for people who likes homemade DIY gifts πŸ˜€ Here are some very simple gifts that you may like πŸ™‚

DIY Holiday Gift Guide

For Mom

large (8)

large (9)
I looks super difficult but its really easy to do using nuts,glitters,ribbons,and a small souvenir inside.

For friends/Girlfriends,boyfriends/brothers sisters

I really love those messages that say ‘ Things I like about you’. My sister gave me one last year & I really like it. Suitable for everyone

large (11)
large (14)
Try any gifts that you like. You can also gift chocolates,candy ..

#For Dad
large (10)

#For kids

large (12)

Merry christmas everyone

Source:Awesomeinventions,countryliving,wehearit,pinterest,tumblr,howaboutorange,fellow, photos credits to rightful owners


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  6. Ritch Davis -

    Great post. I’ve always felt that unless the gift taker is a little hesitant to open the gift (because of the way it’s wrapped), I’ve not really done a good enough job of wrapping it. Getting creative and artistic is half – it’s *all* – the fun of wrapping. I especially liked, here, what was done with parcel paper and will try that next year.

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