You probably doing it wrong!

Hey everyone. I hope that you are all fine.:)
Today we will talk about products that you have been using wrong. Like this article for more such articles & dnt forget to share it with your friends to enjoy too. 😀

1.You probably don’t realize it, but pots come with built-in spoon rests.

2. You’ve been dispensing Tic Tacs the wrong way.

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3.Storing peanut butter the wrong way.

4.Eating applesauce with a spoon.


In fact that’s how you should eat it with the real spoon!



Cut small slices off the top and bottom of the orange. Then, cut a slit in the side of the orange. The orange should unroll

6.Chinese takeout containers!

Thats how we should eat it 😛

7.Yogurt containers

What you do
What you should do

8.Soda tabs as straw holders.

Turn the tab around so that it acts as holder that can stop the straw from raising out of the can.


Have you ever eat your kiwi like this? Well half of the people don’t.


Place them between two plates and slice through the gap using a sharp knife to avoid making a mess.

11.Freezing Your Drink Quickly

Put a wet kitchen roll around the drink and then put it in the freezer will make the drink cold enough in 15 minutes!

12.Peeling a mango.

Peeling ripe mangoes this way make it easier & quicker.

13.Ice-cream Dessert
Digging out the ice-cream from the box is not easy,why not try this..?


Good to try


15.Try different flavours for iced coffee

16.Peeling a banana
Do not peel it from this end unless you like all those strings that come with it. Instead, peel from the bottom

17.Washing jeans.
Instead of washing your jeans after every wear,store them in the freezer, which will remove odor and help you delay doing laundry for a little while longer.But that doesn’t mean that you should not wash your jeans!

18.Eating an apple
Most people discards 30 percent of an apple.If you don’t want to be that wasteful, reduce the amount you discard by eating it top to bottom for maximum apple consumption.

19.Homemade speakers for picnics,forest/sea trips when you left your speakers at home
Listening to music on your phone when you don’t have a speaker handy. Stick it inside a Pringles can.

20.Cooking a Egg
If you want your egg to fit perfectly on your sandwich use a slice of onion!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please leave in the comments what you’ been doing wrong 🙂 Feel free to post your own ideas 🙂
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Images:Food beast,weheartit,Google

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  1. great ! the tic tacs – wow – and not sure I would ever want to use an aluminum lid slash spoon – but the others were pretty cool – esp. the apple – I agree and heard the core has extra vitamins – also, plan to try the pringle can –

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