Beat the summer heat ! DIY idea

Hi guys,today Im doing a DIY Tag and I hope that you like it 🙂

Refreshing Vegetable and Fruit Infused Water

Summer is here at last and homemade fruit- or vegetable-infused water is one of the most refreshing beverages you can make.. Unlike other fruit juices, infused water isn’t filled with sugar, but it still tastes great,it is excellent for the health giving you the right proportions of minerals,vitamins & nutrients

What you will need : orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit ,cucumber, mint, blueberries strawberries, blackberries, pear, pomegranate, pineapple, kiwi, starfruit
honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon,carrots
apples, grapes, plums, peaches, nectarines.or any fruits/vegetables that you like,

Green tea

Mint, sage, rosemary, basil, cilantro, thyme, stevia, lavender or any herbs that you want

Ginger, cinnamon stick , black pepper according to your taste

Filtered water, sparkling plain water(Sugar free)

What you need to do : First, simply add some fresh fruit//vegetables in a big glass , take a spoon to slightly mash and breakdown the fruit//vegetables.(You don’t need to take all the fruits/ingredients.Choose 5 fruits/vegetables or more)
Tip: peel the citrus fruits from their skin to avoid a bitter taste.Remove peels for some fruits/vegetables

Next, simply take the herb/spice of choice and gently bruise the leaf (i.e. gently mashing).Add some green tea

Then, add either sparkling water/filtered water and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes.

You can now drink it.Keep it in airtight glasses for not more than one day. large (1)

large (2)

large (3)

This drink is suitable for all age groups.You can modify it according to your taste. Pick your fruits/vegetables/grab your favourite herbs & spices and add some water & green tea.Create your own infused water sugar free

Benefits of drinking infused water
Fills you up so you don’t eat as much
Naturally helps your body release fat cells.
Keeps food moving through your system.
Flushes toxins from your system.
Improves your mood.
Reduces muscle fatigue while working out.
Helps you recuperate faster from a workout.
Keeps your organs healthy while you’re sweating.
Keeps you from feeling groggy in the afternoon.
Weight loss
Provides you with many nutrients 🙂

[images;weheartit] large (4)

large (5)

large (6)

Enjoy ! And stay hydrated


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