Fearless Mirror

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself
Just a psychological effect
Seems like this damn world is ‘Psychology”
For it is the nature of everyone 🙂

Fear the unknown..


When people are asked what are their fears
Possible answers  are  noted_

  •   Fear of other people,rejection,
  •   Fear of  death and life
  •   Fear of being penniless, homeless
  •   Fear of taking responsibilities
  •   Fear of public speaking
  •   Fear of dark,failure,spiders (..),ghosts


 Well, the list is long  and endless..


No worries..It makes us human! Even the bravest man is fearful at times!

Fear is a part of our life. Life is made up of fears and we thus are made up of fears.


When people are asked what they gonna do,the immediate answers are often

__To be rich and famous or to sit on the beach all life!

But when they think about what they really want, then it becomes a bit different!

Being able to sit on the beach may sound wonderful but admit it after the first month

You will be looking for something more challenging!

Life is a challenge..so accept it!

So why ‘fear’ life and its fears!

Fear can be a trap, a prison, a story, or an illusion that torments and paralyzes you. It keeps you awake at night, and your happiness and dreams completely out of reach.

  • Stop worrying and start living
  • View life as a creative and wild adventure,Think positively
  • You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear does not exist anywhere except in the mind.” 
  • And remember thousands tips can be given to you but the choice lies in your own hands! You can’t get anywhere in the world without wanting to do something..

Dear readers,I wish you <Best of luck>>Hope it helped!

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