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One and the same

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Welcome to One and the same, a website divided in 2 categories.
Build and Create focus on lifestyle design, fun and how you can hack your life
Inspire is all about young people trying to change the world through blogging, a perfect place for downloading inspiration.

If you are here, it means that you are awesome.

Why One and The same?

Founded in 2012, on, just to post short stories, poems, class essays, with only a few followers, today it has over 100+ articles covering different topics like DIYs, health, fitness, lifestyle, reviews and guest posts. What started as a hobby, turned into a mini business, with a mission to make a difference in the life of others, and let them build and create the lifestyle they want, in order to unlock their potential, and be closer to their dreams, and life purpose, with a little dash of positivity. Life is like a blank canva or book, we just have to fill it, with colors and make it the bestseller art piece, and also inspire others to do the same.

Why One and The Same- you ask? It is something that me and a friend of mine came up with, and I can’t thank her enough for that. One and the sameΒ is a beautiful concept, that reflects the idea, that we are all the same, irrespective of our country, religion, skin color, yet different, in our own way.

Behind the scenes of One and The SameΒ 

Hi, I’m Yeshna, and I am a Writer/ blogger and the Founder of One and The Same. I also run the blog, and throughout these past years, I’ve seen One and The Same, grow into a full fledged website. Initially, this blog was just a place, for me to just write, and play with words, but it’s really nice to see that my little online space has touched so many people, and this made me a writer for life. I got the chance to write for different other platforms, and explored different kinds of writing and been able to merge my work with this website’s motto. To stalk me and know more about my work, do follow me on Twitter

I also believe in the saying that we write to express, not to impress, and we also work for a cause, not for applause, so if you are interested in knowing, more about what I do, and what projects I worked on, feel free to DM me on twitter or send me an email.

I am at ease with different types of articles but writing about myself is still the hardest. My brain is a really messy place, I write in my head a lot, especially when I travel and also hold Ted Talks, from time to time. I run my hectic schedule on caffeine, maybe, but my brain, is the busiest, with ideas, popping all the time. Β It’s sometimes hard, to be best friends with my own brain, but I guess this happens to everyone working with creative energy. I try to be an all-rounder, and try things that will allow me to grow, and learn, and keeps absorbing knowledge whether it is from binge watching documentaries or binge reading books.

To some, I am a writer, to many I am just a girl like everyone, to a few, I am a youth advocate but to me, I am a mystery package, My hobbies keep updating and I keep exploring myself and try to unlock my potential/ work on my flaws and spread love and good vibes everywhere but my eyes are always on the goal, I just need to discover the journey.


With love, and light.



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