[Guest Post] Ways to keep your audience happy through your content



In the modern day, we can find a lot of online companies attempt to sell their products, services, brands and businesses online. People who tried to sell their services and products online should require applying proper marketing techniques in order to catch the attention of clients across the world. Online businesses help people to reach to a lot of people around the world than traditional form of virtual businesses. Effective marketing techniques can aid people to make their business successful. One of the most effective marketing methods that help people to reach to their targeted audience in an effectual manner is content marketing.


Content marketing is a tactical marketing tactic that is aimed at generating and sharing out useful, relevant, and purposeful content to catch the attention of your targeted audience and retain your existing clients. It is a potent marketing tool used by many online businesses people to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is one of the most important marketing tools that help promoters to make an audience that builds your digital business. It mainly focuses on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online and to persuade them to take a positive action. It is utilized by businesses to draw the attention of clients and create leads.

Here are some effective ways to keep your target audience happy through your content:

Understand Your Audience

When it comes to content marketing, understanding or knowing your audience is very important. When you understand your audience, you will deliver them exactly what they want and you will become successful to meet the expectations of your audience. You will be able to prepare contents for your targeted audience and the contents that you write will also meet the needs of your clients a great deal.


Many marketers become successful in gaining more fans and followers, but others fail because they fall short to understand their audience. Remember that understanding your audience will help you to keep your audience happy through making contents that satisfies them every time and enhance audience engagement which can boost your brand lift by a long way.

Choose Quality over Quantity                                                      

When you depend on digital marketing in order to make your online business thriving as you dream of, content that you create plays a huge role in deciding your success. Remember always that valuable and increased audience engagement is all about quality over quantity. You must go for quality and give less importance to the quantity.

It is not about how much content you post every day but it is about the quality of posts you make on a daily basis. The audience that you target should be impressed with your contents and if they are impressed, they will follow your business and choose your service to buy things that they need over your rivals. Therefore, don’t ignore the quality of content and writing quality content will eventually result in boosting your brand online.

Exploit Social Media

Social media plays a vital role to decide on the success of content marketing. Online marketers these days give a lot of importance to different social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc, because most of the people across the world spend much of their every day time in different social media sites.


The tendency of people to spend their best parts of time in different social media sites come as a great blessing to online businesses because they can reach to their targeted audience by making valuable and good quality posts regularly on various social media platforms. So, exploiting social media channels handily particularly posting contents regularly on social media sites let you to keep your target audience happy.

Create Valuable Contents

Keep in mind that content marketing is the method of generating high-quality, unique and valuable content. Creating valuable and unique contents every time allows you to draw, update, and engage your targeted audience. It is also a great means to promote your brand. The content that you create should keep your clients happy and satisfied. They should get all things and information that they search for. The content should also narrates them what you are doing online, what are your special offers, and how your service is different from other service providers online.

Other Important Ways                                                                                                    

You should not wait for the audience to find you and you should make all the efforts to reach to your audience well before your audience finds you from their efforts. You should search for and understand what your targeted audience are actually looking for and make sure to deliver them what they want in order to keep them happy.

You have got to be consistent and reliable every time and interacting with audiences through useful contents will always be a more favorable exercise. Make your content to resonate with your services, products, brands, company goals, vision, mission and objectives. With the intention of making your target audience happy and satisfied, your content needs to go above and beyond the expectations and needs of your targeted audience.


About Author 

I am Jimmy Vick. I love writing essays, articles and contents. My passion towards writing guided me to choose freelance writing career and I am working as a freelance writers for the past 15 years now. I enjoy my career as a writer as it gives me a lot of possibilities to grow and improve my knowledge. Currently, I work for a best essay writing service online and it helps me to write down different tasks day after day. I also enjoy writing articles for different blogs online and websites.




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[Guest post] 5 Affordable Ways to Manage Your Blog


5 Affordable Ways to Manage Your Blog


The goal of most blogs, whether they’re for a cause or for entertainment, is to make money. In order to make that a reality, you need to have affordable ways to manage the costs of your blog. It’s the simple mathematics of more money coming in than going out.

But it’s not always that easy. Getting the services you need to keep things looking great sometimes sets you back on cost. Unforeseen security problems can also end up costing you a ton, particularly if your blog involves affiliate services or product sales.

So how can you mitigate those costs? While it may not be as simple as waving a magic wand, there are a few blogging basics you can do to make it easier on yourself.

  1. Use Original Content

One thing that helps a blog gain notoriety is quality content that isn’t found anywhere else. It boosts your power in search engines and also makes you more valuable to readers. It’s also an area that some bloggers try to cheat on.

Taking another site’s content is a big no-no for several different reasons. Unoriginal content does very little for your page ranking, and it can also result in legal action. That includes taking images and videos without permission. In general, it might even save you money to pay a small fee for rights to use something rather than having to deal with legal costs.

Most of the time you’ll just be better off generating your own content. Take photos, edit pictures, or use images with Creative Commons rights. In situations where you can’t be around to generate content, there’s a clever service called WP Robot that lets you automatically generate posts. We don’t recommend abusing this service, but it can help fill in gaps.

  1. Shop Around

The costs of your blog depend greatly on the host you utilize. Your choice should be based on your needs; even if you want more options, the cost may not be worth it until your blog generates the revenue to justify the cost.

Also consider what it is you want to do with your blog. If you’re marketing products, it may be best to avoid free services as they could limit your sales potential. The same is true in reverse; if you’re working off affiliate links or are just using your blog to advertise something else, you’re likely better off going cheap.

Themes are another consideration, but they’re also potentially a risk. Utilizing outdated themes can lead to security risks and cost you money down the line.

  1. Secure Your Access

Security is something you should take care of quickly and early. It’s the area most neglected by bloggers and can end up costing thousands of dollars to fix if handled after the fact. In some cases it may even be the end of a blog due to loss of trustworthiness to followers.

Start by ensuring your administrator logins are properly secured with difficult passwords. Strong passwords are a bare minimum of eight characters long, consist of numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters and omit words in the dictionary. Longer passwords are better, but changing the password frequently (a few times a year is best) is just as crucial.

Bloggers tend to utilize public space frequently enough to be at risk for a common hack over public WiFi. The hacker uses a sniffer program to search for unsecured devices and proceeds to gain control over the device, granting them the opportunity to steal just about anything (including access to your saved accounts). They can even plant malware.

The solution is to protect your devices with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Utilizing the service will aid your devices by connecting them to a secure server before the rest of the internet, encrypting your connection and preventing intrusion. They’re affordable and completely shut down public WiFi hackers.

  1. Be Your Own Moderator

Keeping your blog moderated can be a full-time job. Hiring someone else to do it for you might mean big costs, so one way to save money is to learn how to moderate your pages without spending too much time doing it.

Reading every last comment on a busy blog just isn’t reasonable. What you’ll be more responsible for is seeking out malicious posts and spam; eliminating those will help keep your blog healthy and thriving, and doing it yourself will keep costs low.

While you’re moderating, you can also take the time to respond to posts selectively. Keeping your responses brief will allow conversation to flow more naturally while posting too much can stifle creative debate. Remember you’re the authority on your blog; what you say weighs much more than visitors’ points.

  1. Feature Guest Posts

Working together with other writers can not only expand the coverage of your blog, but it can also cut down your workload. Time is money, and offering to feature free guest posts on your blog can afford you plenty.

Instead of spending all of your time writing, you can periodically be host to other writers’ material. This will draw in different audiences and allow for conversations that otherwise wouldn’t happen. It can also stimulate your creativity and help you learn new things.

Just be sure to be selective in the posts you feature. Remember that section on liability? Unoriginal posts from guest writers can hurt your ranking, so be sure you check that their content is unique (or at least different enough from similarly titled posts).

Pinch a Penny

If film is any indicator, spending lots of money isn’t always a surefire way to success. By being frugal with your expenditures and carefully curating content, you can cut costs and maintain a quality blog all at the same time.

This way, when something really jumps out as being worth the cost, you can afford it. So save those pennies and be ready for opportunity!

Have some ideas of your own? Feel free to leave a comment below.

About the Author: Caroline is writer and long-time blogger. She writes for a variety of audiences and has a lot of experience with managing blogs.  She hopes these tips give you some ideas on how to save a little bit of money.

Tips to be a morning person :) |Upgrade your morning routine


” Comfortably in your cozy bed,wrapped with smooth & fluffy blankets,away from the cold in another world of delicious joy & endless happiness ….. AND THEN THE ALARM GOES ON … !  

At 6 AM, most of us are lucky if we have the energy to reach for a cup of coffee.If you are a morning person,then you are extremely lucky because there are some people[Like me :P] who hit the snooze button at least a dozen times before crawling out of bed.Lets fix that (huge !) problem so that we can all be morning person & feel less drowsy in the morning  xD .Some ideas are listed below & hope it will help 🙂



Indeed,some people  hit the snooze button to get some 10 minutes of extra sleep but it actually makes it harder for you to wake up. That 10 minutes of extra sleep disrupts your cycle cycle & make you fall asleep for 1 hour instead

If you avoid going back to sleep during the first snooze cycle (around nine minutes), your chances of staying awake and feeling energetic skyrocket. Instead of going back to sleep, jump out of bed and do something productive such as getting a glass of water and doing a few yoga stretches. “After nine minutes, your alarm will ring again and you’ve made it,”


The night before you go to bed, lock your alarm clock or phone in a box next to your bed. Hide the key outside of your bedroom before you go to bed so that you’re forced to get up before you can turn off your annoying alarm and reunite with your phone once more


There are some apps that you can download which allows you to set an alarm & then when the alarm rings up,you need to wake up & do tasks like shaking your phone,solve a mathematical puzzle or match shapes & colors etc ,only when you finish those tasks,the alarm will stop ringing & unlock your phone ! Plus,it also rings 30 minutes later after the first alarm & you need to do another wake up tasks to make sure that you are really off bed.Nice way to stimulate the brain & say goodbye to the lazy sleep!


If you are having trouble to wake up,just take a piece of the sugary stuff & eat it. The sugar in it stimulate your brain & you will be able to wake up more easily

Also,Eat  an orange or grapefruit for breakfast. The smell of citrus boosts serotonin, the hormone that puts you in a positive, uplifted mood


The first to do in the morning is to make your bed.Making your bed require some physical efforts & physical activity can wake up !  Jump /dance /sing while making your bed,it will not only reduce stress but also make you feel more active 😀


It’s a simple trick,just put one alarm beside your bed & another one far from your bed. The second alarm should be set to ring only 12 minutes after the first.

If you have the habit of hitting the snooze button,you will press it on the 1st alarm & after 12 minutes,the second will ring & you will have to get up,walk & then switch it off.Getting up out of the bed & walking reduces the probability for you to again walk to your bed & again lift your blanket for another sleep


Brushing your teeth outside makes you feel more awake.The secret is the sun rays  will make you feel more energized & also don’t forget to enjoy the fresh cool air which will instantly make your sleep vanish! And why not,a small morning wallk? And if you cannot go outside to brush your teeth,make sure that your bedroom/bathroom is well lit with lights on or windows open


This tip actually work.Just take some cool coloured neon sharpie pens & some big notes paper & write inspirational quotes that will motivate you to get up in the morning & get work done & encourage you to achieve something.After that just stick it to the roof wall facing your bed!The first thing in the morning your eyes will see are those sticky bright quotes & you will get all the motivation you need to get out of bed.


 The smell of peppermint stimulates your body’s trigeminal nerve, giving you an energy boost. Brushing your teeth with peppermint toothpaste first thing is a great way to perk up. Do it before you have anything to eat, since brushing immediately after eating isn’t very good for your teeth.

  • If you don’t like peppermint toothpaste, keep a bottle of peppermint essential oil or a few peppermints on hand and inhale the the scent deeply. This will have the exact same effect as using peppermint toothpaste.


Listening to music in the morning can really help & if you have some extra time,you can go on the internet & since screens emit lights ,that can make you feel less sleepy


If you’re continuously struggling with getting up in the morning, bribe yourself. You know yourself best, so you’ll know what will be most effective. Choose something small and tangible. And make it daily, so there’s a reward every morning.For e.g If I make it,I will reward myself with (idk a burger at McDonald’s or a chocolate etc..)


This might sound crazy & funny & yeah childish .. but this method is really effective. Just do a happy dance with your dog when you are preparing breakfast for e.g,Say goodbye to stress,negative vibes & sleep


Splashing your face with ice-cold water as you get up shocks your brain, and opens up your eyes. If you’re brave enough, you can also try turning your shower knob to the coldest setting for 10 seconds before getting out (which will also give your hair some extra shine—bonus!) If you’re really dedicated, place two spoons on the fridge or freezer the night before and lay them over your eyes in the morning for a cooling, de-puffing fix.


Try stretching in bed [like cats do ] to make your muscles more active,making your blood fill your cells giving you a boost of energy. Drowsiness will soon disappear


If you are still not a morning person,never give up & try to see which method works for you 🙂 Hope you enjoyed today’s article 😀

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Sources:Google/wordpress,tumblr/weheartit[Idonotownanyphotos],lifehack,ehow,happylists,stylecaster.photo/GIF credits goes to owners

Information not intended as medical advice. If you suspect that you have a sleep disorder or other,please contact a doctor.And please note that all people are different & those tips may or may not  work.

Take care everyone 🙂

Ways to Soothe a Sore Throat

large (4)
large (8)
Hello guys,I hope you are all fine.Since its winter in most countries,I decided to share with you some easy, non-prescription remedies that can help ease soreness and make you feel better if you have a sore throat. 🙂

1.Saltwater gargle

Several studies have found that gargling several times a day with warm salt water can reduce swelling in the throat and loosen mucus, helping to flush out irritants or bacteria.

(Just remember to spit the water out after gargling, rather than swallowing!)
large (5)

Its important to mention that Im not a doctor and I’m just sharing with you what medicines I usually take when I have a sore throat.I’m not recommending you to use them or anything,it’s up to you to decide.
I usually use some sprays,drink Anti-inflammatories & strepsils really help
The same medicines does not have the same effect on everyone.Please do consult your doctor if needed


“Staying hydrated is very important, especially when you’re sick and your throat is irritated or inflamed,” Dr. Linder says
This keeps your mucous membranes moist and better able to combat bacteria and irritants like allergens, and makes your body better able to fight back against other cold symptoms.”


A warm cup of herbal tea can offer immediate, soothing relief for a sore throat. What’s more, non-herbal teas—whether they’re made with black, green, or white leaves—contain antioxidants that are thought to strengthen immunity and ward off infection.

For an extra boost, add a teaspoon of honey.

Better drink it hot 🙂

large (1) large (2) large (3)

5.Chicken soup

An age-old home remedy for colds, chicken soup can help soothe a sore throat, as well. “The sodium in the broth may actually have anti-inflammatory properties, and it can feel good going down,” Dr. Linder says.
Eating can also be painful and difficult with a swollen or very sore throat, so sipping some liquid nourishment will ensure that you’re getting the nutrients you need to fight off your infection

large (6)

6. Mashmallows

Although there’s no hard evidence that it works,many people said that it really works
Marshmallows can help ease sore throat pain, possibly because the gelatin coats and soothes.

large (7)


It may not be the quickest solution, but getting some rest is probably the best thing you can do to battle the infection

large (9)


I hope it will help.Have you ever tried these? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Sources:weheartit.com,health.com,magazines,I do not own any photos, credits goes to owner,


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Fantastic beasts DIY projects ideas

Jk Rowling blessed us with a Harry Potter spin off – Fantastic beasts and where to find them. The book, the movie and Newt opened up a new Happy Potter world!

Whether you are a No-maj or a muggle, here are some DIY that you can do.


You’ll need:  wreath, wire cutters, hot glue/glue sticks, brushes,plastic leaves


  1. Find branches on your wreath that would make for a good bowtruckle and cut them with your wire cutters

  2. Glue the branches together with a hot glue gun to form your bowtruckle

  3. Paint your bowtruckle green and add his/her eyes with blank paint

  4. Find two leaves from your plastic leaf bunch for the bowtruckle’s head

  5. Glue the leaves to the top of the bowtruckle’s head


2.Newt magical suitcase

Instructions here 


3. DIY Occamy Eggs.

  1. DIY bookmark:

5.Queenie’s Strudel

  1. The DIY shirts

7.DIY Tie Blanket

8.Newt wand 

Give this article a like for more fantastic beasts !


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DIY Harry Potter ideas & hacks,crafts | Harry Potter inspired decoration

DIY harry potter supplies

DIY Harry Potter gifts ideas

DIY harry potter inspired Christmas party 



[GuestPost] 10 Extraordinary office desk design ideas

Hello guys, now that New Year and holidays are over,it’s time to get back to work. Today we have a very interesting guest post on office desk design ideas. Enjoy! 


All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

You come up with any other rhyme, advertisement jingle or anything monotonous next to the aforementioned – and, yet, nothing could beat what Jack Nicholson, keyed in that typewriter, in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” It is true workplace can at times bore you out but I don’t quite agree with you if you say it’s all bore and nothing but bore. Jack must have had too much of sabotage working, working and sobbing his way down at work alone. Well, as a matter of fact he kind of did have. And, being a dull boy myself I can only empathize with him.

Why you might want to ask? Because for some people workaholic symptoms may spread quite easily just like a virus. Especially in quieter work stations that is, where you cannot even hear a pin-drop.

To avoid this paranoia – we present you with some of the hippest office desk design ideas that would leave no stones unturned at the office. You want to be the next nerd at the office? Or someone with a caboodle of creativity? Take a look.

~ Ten of the Hippest Office Desk Design Ideas ~


#1. The Reindeer Desk!

Designer: Alex Kozynets

The Reindeer desk, designed by Alexander Kozynets, is a sleek and spacious work desk that looks achingly close in appearance to how an actual Reindeer may look like if at all Santa’s pet existed i.e.  We know about the existence of this one, though, an ideal foil for those with oodles of creativity in them. Get space, comfort, convenience and minimalism – in a seamless workstation desk that just kills it for you in terms of look and utility. The long plateau foretells well to those who favor fun at the work place for just in case if you are bored to death – you might as well play snooker on it. Or Carom for that matter. We would love to call this a Kozynets masterpiece for the Cozy work desk next to you.


#2. Duplex Work Desk

Designer:  Sophie Kirkpatrick

As much trouble I am having in pronouncing Sophie’s second name – I may have no trouble working on the Duplex Work Desk. In a staid, wooden-like shelve on top – all you could fit-in is one person. But, one is enough it seems in case if you want privacy for life. This one for the techies I must confess though. Or in other words – for those of you who works on a laptop all day along, and slouch a lot. Get space for placing a Laptop and mini-compartments for storing basic necessities. And, a pneumatic lever too for opening up the shelf and for closing.


#3. The Wave Desk

Designer: Robert Brou

Looking at the Wave Desk – you instantly get the feeling there is a surprise package lying in there somewhere. You would be reminded of a giant antelope or some kind of sea monster; with many-a-crawling legs. This against-the-wall work desk doesn’t merely have legs for namesake, though, for it has legs with drawers in them and acres of desk space on top as well. Make Sense?


#4. The Life Desk

Designer: Haishan Deng

An alumni of Cleveland Institute of Arts College (CIA) – Deng conceptualized this one by taking cues from a nigh controversial “Triangle of Life” theory. And, not just that, the moniker – Life Desk – has a story behind it too; evocative of China, 2013 where many shed their lives, whilst hiding under a table, amidst an earthquake. With sinewy steel and nylon aboard – the desk is a foldable one, capable of slanting in triangular shape i.e. Just in case if an earthquake beckons itself, you might as well resist the temptation to stay hidden with one of these. Which is no real joke, mind you, because this is some serious work of art that, for once, imitates life.


#5. The Kkanapetko Desk

Designer: Krassi Dimitrov

How often have you had daydreams sitting in one of those Batpods which Christian Bale used in The Dark Knight? Enter the Kkanapetko Desk – pronounce as you may – because it’s in not in the name but the sheer utility where this one packs a punch. Fiddling in the roller tires beneath, as many as 3 drawers in either of the sides (one for printer/scanner and two each for music accessories) and the capability to accommodate even 3 people – this is one cool desk simulation, in a single unit. Hats off Krassi Dimitrov for that deserves nothing less than high fives!


#6. Le Orchidee Desk

Designer: Marc Fish

I may not be an art connoisseur or anything but I believe I have quite the tinge of grey matter upstairs, to known when and how an artiste’s range reciprocates in their work.

Le Orchidee means the emotional and physical connection between a parent and a child: so read the snippet in Marc Fish’s website. And, having gone through that I am left with his simple yet powerful piece of wooden work. All the guy has whittled down in here is a nigh tabular design that reminds me of a keyboard or a piano at first look but is not. What may seem a tawdry piece of wooden furniture on top actually has layers of veneer in it. And, not just that, a drawer cum mini-holders inside of it too. Enough said.


#7. The Crocodile Leather Desk

Designer: Sabino Aprile

For its classy look and the no-nonsense finish made of stainless steel, coupled with genuine leather and tidbits of wood: nothing would beat the Crocodile Leather Desk by Italian designer Sabino Aprile. This is for the traditional workaholic in you or for those of you sitting in the welcome box of an office. Don’t underestimate this little beauty or overlook its eye-catchy design as such. The wardrobe-privy leather matte finish hidden in there somewhere is the surprise package here much akin to a Crocodile popping out of a serene river.


#8. Novtana Desk

Designer: Luke Riggal

Enough with the hyperbole for the time being at least, and let us simply travel back in time to the good old days. I say that because, the minimalistic design elements and the downright staid look of the Novtana Desk designed by Luke Riggal – is tailor made for Apple lovers featuring an iPod dock and leeway for storing utensils and speakers. In case if you remember the Medium Density Fibre boards (MDF) – you know what I am talking about here. Something silky smooth, milky white in color and one that may camouflage your office staples as well. Luke or Cool Hand Luke? You name it.


#9. The Baobab Desk

Designer: Phillipe Stark

This work desk made of polyethylene is for the ladies first and foremost. The Baobab Desk would cram in anybody and/or literally anything you denounce to be feminine in this life or the next. Not so meek if you think about it because this simple looking work desk has cup-boards submerged seamlessly inside it not for show-off but to give utility and storage i.e. However, when you look at it from front-on or side-on – it doesn’t necessarily seem like it has leeway for storage inside does it? For people of a certain vintage – that is the beauty of creativity in itself. Period.


#10. The K Workstation

Designer: MisoSoup


If you don’t have much space at the office? You don’t necessarily have to run for all money to reach the cup-board or store room situated in someplace else. The K Workstation, made of bamboo laminated ply-wood has acres of space to solve the conundrum. K or Ok – this is a Fit-to-the-Wall Workstation with plenty of room for fiddling in files and folders on top; and a mini cabin for laptop or desktop PC right below. Which is more of an extension of the same woodcraft, mind you, not separate work desks. It’s a product designed by MisoSoup, just for namesake I mentioned that.


I know I might have used one too many hyperboles in this blog. But, seeing the kind of artistry and bravura we have in store: tell me how I can even I afford not afford to wax lyrical every now and then? These are quite extraordinary piece of work desks I must confess. And, although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea these may prove to be the E=MC2 of modern day work desks in the longer run. Those of you, and people like me, who works like a jackass at the office day in day out need nothing less than the convenience, the style and the substance which is being provided here. Now, tell me, where is our friend Jack _ the dull boy? Is he even alive and kicking?

P.S. Please feel to give feedback to this blog w.r.t value, timeliness, readability etc. If you have better offing’s than the ones I have shared above, please feel to share those as well. Thank You.

About the author:

Levin George is a Search Engine Optimizer at OfficeRock.com. He actively pursues interests related to latest internet marketing trends. He spends his leisure time reading, meditating and enjoying the joys of technology.

Thanks Levin and the team for this great post.

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17 blogging hacks and Tips for 2017

Hello beautiful people. I hope you had a great Christmas and your holidays are going on well. As the world planet knows, 2016 will be over in 2 days and 2017 is right here. Happy New year everyone and may you always be happy. With New year comes a lot of resolutions and I personally don’t believe in resolutions but I agree that we should rethink our life,filter the negativity and welcome change.

If you are throwing a New year party,here are some DIY and tips, and you can also take a look at some easy DIY New year treats and cakes here.  Keep reading

Before starting the article, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone; my followers,my subscribers,the tech experts who helped me build my blog and to every person who read my blog, many many thanks. Your love and support is what keeps me going. Back in 2012, I remember the few followers I had but all credit goes to you for making this blog grow as well as our family. Thanks 🙂 Without you people, today I would never have been able to write an article on blogging tips so thanks for reading. If you seeing this blog for the first time, do subscribe and join in. This year have been amazing and I had the chance to be involved in many blogging projects and work with brands I love. Cheers to blogging!



17 blogging hacks and Tips for 2017

I’m sure that if you google blogging tips,you will come across thousands of posts and I’m just going to share my personal favorites. And if you are not a computer expert or you are new at blogging,don’t worry,this guide is easy to understand

  1. Have clear goals about blogging

Bloggers today have gained a lot of respect and there are some bloggers who make a living online. So it’s important to know what you want to do with blogging when you start a blog. For example, I started this blog like an online diary but as it grew,I decided to take blogging seriously and took it to another level. So if you have a big audience, maybe you can start monetizing your blog but keeping in mind that the quality is same. Also, depending on your choice,you can decide whether you want to host your blog on a free platform or self host it.

2. Create content that genuinely helps people

I’m not going to lie but there are multiple times when I visit a site and those pop out ads cover the entire screen,or the site loads slowly due to so many ads.There are also blogs that have very little content but full of ads. So, even if you monetize your blog, make sure that your content genuinely helps people and the quality of your content is what matters the most.

3. Write the type of blog you would want to read

Build your niche and earn the trust of your audience. Blogging has become so competitive, so make your content as unique as possible to stand out

4.Understand that blogging has ups and downs

There are days when your site traffic will be less than usual or some posts will do better than others, and that’s okay. Do lose heart and keep working hard. Blogging is like a roller coaster ride so enjoy its journey. If you are lacking inspiration,it okay to take a break to recharge 🙂

5. Don’t post everyday

It’s up to you to decide your schedule but I think that posting everyday = more followers is a myth. Posting 2 times a week is enough and the rest 5 days, fill it with promoting your articles. Less posting, more promoting 🙂 And also try to be consistent.

6. Guest post more often

It’s good to comment on other people’s blog but leaving your blog link in the comments does not always work. If you want to be known,then guest post on other blogs and don’t forget to make friends!

7.Don’t be shy

Meet new friends, visit other blogs, participate in giveaways and interact with other bloggers.People (especially students at work /school) will look for a chance to bully you maybe,just don’t pay attention to them 🙂

8. Be active on social media

Be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even create a YouTube channel and promote your blog.

9. Over promotion harms your reputation

Promote your blog wisely and don’t harass people to see your blog or spam. This way you will not be able to build a good reputation for yourself.

10. Give your blog a makeover

We are all busy people right ? But definitely find time to beautify your blog and make it unique. Choose your themes , color and layout carefully, it always makes an impact. Include your social media and be creative with the widgets.

11. Do not be afraid to be different

Ever heard of this saying ” What makes you different might be your greatest strength “. So dare to be different and don’t stick to what others are doing. If everyone is doing fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs or food blogs, if you have a passion for hiking for example, why not try that? You will have a better chance to be successful. If you never try,you will never know.

 12. Keep learning

If you do not host your blog on a free platform like wordpress.com, you might have noticed that blogging requires computer knowledge so don’t be afraid when you come across terms like plugins, SEO, etc. Google is your friend so he will surely help you. There are many blogs like http://www.wpbeginner.com/ and many more who offers free tutorial and you can even get online blogging courses for free! Keep learning and keep growing your blog.

13. Be patient

Blogging takes time,to think of a content and write it, it can take a lot of time. Then to edit it,to post it and promote it is even more time consuming so learn to be patient. And it also takes time to build an audience,it doesn’t happen overnight so be patient and focus on your goals

14. Essential tools

There are must have tools that a blogger should have like a camera, and backup tools installed on the blog as well as security plugins so before jumping into blogging, do consider all this.

15. Be ready to invest

If you plan to make money blogging, then you will need to invest for hosting prices, themes etc. But be cautious of how much money you are investing and beware of scams. (PS: if you are looking for a good affordable hosting company, do check Bluehost )


16. Explore your other skills

It is of no doubt that blogging is a skill and while blogging,don’t forget to explore your other skills like photography, writing, interviewing or even social media marketing.

17. Have fun

Have fun while blogging. Blogging should be a passion first of all. Even if you make a living online, have fun and make blogging fun. If you are sitting near your laptop, complaining that you have to write X posts and keep ranting or thinks that posting new articles is a burden ,then blogging might not be for you.


Hope it was useful. And if you don’t have a blog, why not create one ?

This post is decided to all my readers and the blogging family. Happy New year 🙂



Stay tuned for some more blogging fun in 2017! If you want me to do more guides on blogging, let me know.


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